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October 28, 2006

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > OCTOBER 28 > 2006 Featuring smooth new roots riddims from Rootdown and Ice Berg, the wicked up-tempo Chase riddim on Fire Ball, the XXL riddim from Al Borosie's Forward label... plus the new Barrington Levy reissue on Auralux, and more from Groundation's wicked Upon The Bridge album... ROOTS - Mash Down (Voodooism: Pressure Sounds) HORTENSE ELLIS - Sitting In The Park (I'm Still In Love With You: Heartbeat) HORTENSE & ALTON ELLIS - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (I'm Still In Love With You: Heartbeat) DELROY WILSON - Rain From The Sky (Best Of: Heartbeat) GLADIATORS - Watch Out (Bongo Red: Heartbeat) LITTLE MADNESS - Mother Country (Life Goes In Circles: Pressure Sounds) VERSION - Mother Country (Life Goes In Circles: Pressure Sounds) BRANCHES - War Race (Hidden Treasures vol 2: Easy Star) BARRINGTON LEVY - Skylarking (Shaolin Temple: Auralux) BARRINGTON LEVY - Shine Eye Gal (Shaolin Temple: Auralux) JOHN HOLT & DENNIS BROWN - Wild Fire (Reggae Hits vol 2: Jet Star) HALF PINT - Winsome (Classics: Hightone) JAH THOMAS - Marijuana Marijuana (Dance On The Corner: Roots) MORGAN HERITAGE - Electioneering (Radiodread: Easy Star) GROUNDATION w' IJAHMAN LEVI & PABLO MOSES - Use To Laugh (Upon The Bridge: Young Tree) NATURAL BLACK - Rise Of The Poor (Rootdown 7") GINJAH - Be Strong (Rootdown 7") ANTHONY B - How Could I (Rootdown 7") ZAP MAMA - Spirit (Rootdown 7") --req JR KELLY - Fools and Follies (Rootdown 7") NATURAL BLACK - Never Quit (Ice Berg 7") SIZZLA - Don't Be Sad (Ice Berg 7") PERFECT - Life Is The Greatest (Ice Berg 7") JAHMALI - Poor Man's Strength (Fire Ball 7") JAH MASON - Dem Gone (Fire Ball 7") JAH MASON - Dem Love Me (Fire Ball 7") JAH MASON - Throw Away The Key (Fire Ball 7") ANTHONY B - Jacket and Tie (Fire Ball 7") CAPLETON - No Competition (Prophecy: African Star) SIZZLA - Stage Show (Xterminator 7") --req AL BOROSIE - Gal Dem (Forward 7") WAYNE MARSHALL - Blazing Up (Forward 7") BEENIE MAN - Goodas (Forward 7")

More Fire 63 – October 2006

From More Fire 63 – October 2006. Posted by Chant Down Sound on 7/16/2014 (15 items)

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October 21, 2006

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > OCTOBER 21 > 2006 Featuring the brand new riddims Mo Bay on In The Streetz, Red Razor on Lustre Kings, Judgement on Juke Boxxx, High Fence on High Fence... plus the killer new Groundation album Upon The Bridge... big new tunes from Natural Black and Jr Gong... a great new Tommy Cowan collection from Pressure Sounds... and a special bracket of Indian/Jamaican crossover dancehall sounds to celebrate Diwali! TURBULENCE - Go Down Babylon (In The Streetz 7") NATURAL BLACK - Love Gonna Conquer Evil (In The Streetz 7") SIZZLA - Stop All This Violence (In The Streetz 7") LUTAN FYAH - Stand In My Way (In The Streetz 7") JAH MASON - Kings of Kings (In The Streetz 7") FLOURGON - Jah Give I Strength (In The Streetz 7") THE ABYSSINIANS - Love Comes And Goes (Life Goes In Cirlces: Pressure Sounds) VERSION - Love Comes And Goes (Life Goes In Cirlces: Pressure Sounds) JACOB MILLER - Ghetto On Fire (Life Goes In Cirlces: Pressure Sounds) DON CARLOS - Ginal Ship (Them Never Know Natty Dread Have Him Credentials) BARRINGTON LEVY & JAH THOMAS - Shaolin Temple (Shaolin Temple: Auralux) JOSEY WALES - Bobo Dread (Two Giants Clash: Greensleeves) JIM BROWN - Love In The Dance (Studio One Rude Boy: Soul Jazz) GROUNDATION - Sleeping Bag (Upon The Bridge: Young Tree) MIDNITE - Hymns (Lustre Kings 7") LUTAN FYAH - Suffering Us (Lustre Kings 7") NATTY KING - Show Love (Lustre Kings 7") ABIJAH - Seek Rastafari Love (Lustre Kings 7") NIYORAH - Globe All Warming (Lustre Kings 7") NORRIS MAN - Where The Wind Blows (Lustre Kings 7") EVERTON BLENDER - Goody Goody (Lustre Kings 7") NATURAL BLACK - Love Rastafari (Shagrilla 7") LUCIANO - Put It On (High Fence 7") GINJAH - Hand From Yu Jaw (High Fence 7") AL PANCHO - Dem and Those (High Fence 7") LUTAN FYAH - Blood Stain (High Fence 7") MR VEGAS & LABH JANJUA - Ishq Naqui (Bhang Goes Tha Riddim: Soldier Sound) MR VEGAS & WAYNE ANTHONY - Pull Up (High Society 7") CECILE - Do It To Me (High Society 7") SEAN PAUL - Feel Alright (High Society 7") KID KURRUPT - Pride (High Society 7") VERSION - Coolie Dance (High Society 7") BEENIE MAN - Dance King (Sniper 7") ELEPHANT MAN & BHUPI GILL - Girl From Pakistan (Bhang Goes Tha Riddim: Soldier Sound) DAMIAN MARLEY & TWINZ OF TWINZ - Gangsters and Pimps (Tuff Gong 7") BUSY SIGNAL - Right Place Wrong Time (Juke Boxx 7") ANTHONY B - No Love Inna Dem Heart (Juke Boxx 7") CHUCK FENDER - Judgement (Juke Boxx 7")

October 14, 2006

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > OCTOBER 14 > 2006 Featuring new albums from Jah Mason and Natural Black on Greensleeves... Great new Studio One albums from Heartbeat and Soul Jazz... and a sweet run on the Mean Girl (aka I Need A Roof) riddim by special request... RAS MICHAEL & THE SONS OF NEGUS - Keep Cool Babylon (Nyahbinghi: Trojan) ALTON ELLIS - Lord Deliver Us (I'm Still In Love With You: Heartbeat) DELROY WILSON - Riding For A Fall (Original 18: Heartbeat) DELROY WILSON - Run Run (Original 18: Heartbeat) MR FOUNDATION - See Them A Come (Studio One Rude Boy: Soul Jazz) DUDLEY SIBBLEY - Run Boy Run (Studio One Rude Boy: Soul Jazz) CORNEL CAMPBELL - If A Fire Mek It Come (Original Blue Recordings: Moll Selekta) MIGHTY THREES - Rasta Business (Africa Shall Stretch Forth Her Hand) U ROY - The Great Psalms (Original DJ: Caroline) --req I ROY - Forward On --req U ROY - Crashie Sweep (Right Time Rockers: Sound System) MIGHTY DIAMONDS - I Need A Roof (Right Time: Virgin Frontline) LUCIANO - Sweep Over My Soul (Xterminator 7") --req COCOA TEA - Mr Neck Tie Man (Xterminator 7") CAPLETON - Stand Tall (Xterminator 7") SIZZLA - Babylon A Listen (Xterminator 7") JAH MASON - Kings of Kings (Wheat and Tears: Greensleeves) JAH MASON - This Morning (Wheat and Tears: Greensleeves) NATURAL BLACK - Born Inna The Struggle (Far From Reality: Greensleeves) LUTAN FYAH - Rough A Yard (Xterminator 7") GYPTIAN - Sensi (One Drop Anthems 2006: Greensleeves) EVERTON BLENDER - Don't Be Used (Rootsman Credential: Heartbeat) JAH CURE - Zion Way (Harmony House 7") MIDNITE - Foolish and the Wise (Ras Mek Peace: Wildchild) --req FAT FREDDY'S DROP - Cays's Crays (Based On A True Story: Inertia) DEYANSA - Good People (Holding On To Life: Silver Kamel) SIZZLA - Show Us The Way (Kings of Kings: Equal Rights) PREZIDENT BROWN & DON YUTE - African Ting (Prezident Selections: Runn) CHAT PON RIDDIM: Dennis Bovell's "Decibel" on Pressure Sounds

More Fire 62 – September 2006

From More Fire 62 – September 2006. Posted by Chant Down Sound on 7/16/2014 (17 items)

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September 30, 2006

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > SEPTEMBER 30 > 2006 Featuring the killer new recut of Police In Helicopter on Voiceful... The Bedrock riddim on In Time Music... tough new dancehall riddim Bad Breed on P&L... and the Level The Vibes riddim back again by request... JUNIOR ROSS & THE SPEAR - Bow Down Babylon (I Can Hear The Children Singing: Blood & Fire) BRENT DOWE - Righteous Works (Freedom Sounds 7") PRINCE ALLA - Stone (Only Love Can Conquer: Blood and Fire) POKO BATSARI - Jah Love (Message From Africa: Jah Shaka) MISTY IN ROOTS - Salvation (People Unite 12") MISTY IN ROOTS - Peace and Love (People Unite 12") MIDNITE - See Blah Sum (Vijan: I Grade) DEYANSA - Where Do We Go From Here? (Holding On To Love: Silver Kamel) DEZARIE - Exhalt (Gracious Mama Africa: ARL) CHUCK FENDA - More Marijuana (Voiceful 7") LUCIANO - World Rock (Voiceful 7") NORRIS MAN - Know Jah Law (Voiceful 7") PINCHERS - Can't Hide (Voiceful 7") ANTHONY B - Drop It (Voiceful 7") RICHIE SPICE - Lynch and Pinch (In Time Music 7") LUCIANO - Too Much Gunz (In Time Music 7") NATURAL BLACK - Things and Time (In Time Music 7") CAPLETON - Pagans A Cry (In Time Music 7") SIZZLA - No Wickedness A Zion (In Time Music 7") CULTURE - Why Am I A Rastaman? (Humble African: VP) CAPLETON - Chant Down City (Chant Down dubplate special) --req STEPHEN MARLEY, JR GONG, BUJU BANTON - Traffic Jam (Tuff Gong 7") CHAM - Rude Boy Pledge (Mad House 7") SPICE & PINCHERS - Rude Boy Love (Mad House 7") PINCHERS - The Enemies (Mad House 7") ASSASSIN - Good Over Evil (Mad House 7") SIZZLA - Weh Dat Fa? (P&L 7") PINCHERS - Bad Boy (P&L 7") BUJU BANTON - A Who? (P&L 7") HALF PINT - Level The Vibes (Power House 7") --req JAH CURE - Let Jah Be Praised (Manatee 7") LT - Clean Out Your Heart (Manatee 7") JAH MASON - Dem Think (Manatee 7") GREGORY ISAACS - Rumours (Chant Down dubplate special) --req MIGHTY DIAMONDS - Heavy Load (Anchor 7") LADY G - Nuff Respect (Anchor 7") I WAYNE - Living In Love (Gibbo 7") --req

September 23, 2006

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > SEPTEMBER 23 > 2006 Featuring a wicked new cut of the classic Cuss Cuss riddim from Sly & Robbie's Taxi label... some wicked new roots in a classic style... and nuff old-time-something come back again! JOHN CLARKE - Babylon Spanking (Visions: Wackies) JUNIOR BYLES - Weeping (Observer 7") CORNEL CAMPBELL - My Heart Is Clean (Observer 7") VERSION - My Heart Is Clean (Observer 7") DILLINGER - Gate Number (Observer 7") HEPTONES - Heptones Gonna Fight (On Top: Studio One) WINSTON JARRETT - Up Park Camp (Fire Down Below: Heartbeat) GLEN WASHINGTON - Wages Of Sin (Dancehall Selection: Heartbeat) MAX ROMEO & THE CONGOS - Rasta Is Not Religion (Charmax 7") IJAHMAN LEVI - Moulding (Are We A Warrior: Island) GROUNDATION - Jah Jah Know (Hebron Gate: Young Tree) MIDNITE - Jah Ova (Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance: ARL) RONNIE BENJAMIN - Broken System (Second Chance: ARL) IBA & IJAH MENELIK - Afrika (Many Lives: Mt Nebo) DEYANSA - Africa Calling (Holding On To Life: Silver Kamel) NATTY KING - Love Me For Who I Am (Xyle 7") SIZZLA - Head Over Heels (Xyle 7") MUTABARUKA - Bring The Fire (Taxi 7") ANTHONY RED ROSE - Changes (Taxi 7") JR KELLY - Youths Dem Nah Cool (Taxi 7") TIPPA LEE - Rasta Kitchen (Studio One 7") LUTAN FYAH - Thief In The Garden (Healthy Lifestyle: VP) LUTAN FYAH - Natural Herbs (Healthy Lifestyle: VP) DAMIAN MARLEY - Me Name Jr Gong (Mr Marley: Tuff Gong) --req WAYNE MARSHALL - Big Up (Taxi 7") --req DEGREE - D'Music (Taxi 7") --req BOUNTY KILLER - No More Suffering (Taxi 7") --req PINCHERS - Agony (Taxi 7") ADMIRAL BAILEY - Big Belly Man (Jammys 7") ADMIRAL BAILEY - Old Time Something (Jammys 7") DENNIS BROWN - Sitting and Watching (Spellbound: Blue Moon) CHAT PON RIDDIM: Horace Andy's In The Light Dub on Blood and Fire

September 16, 2006

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5-7 PM > SEPTEMBER 16 > 2006 Featuring great new roots riddims Borderline (Irie Ites) and Need Love (Sweet Sadies)... plus new tunes from Queen Ifrika, Afrikan Simba, Jah Cure, Bambu Station, Cocoa Tea, and more... BAMBU STATION - Sense Enemy (Break The Soil: Mt Nebo) THE WAILERS - Bus Dem Shut (Impact 7") TAPPA ZUKIE - Mello Rock (Tappa 7") PETER TOSH & U ROY - Rightful Ruler (Honorary Citizen: Legacy) --req DD DENNIS - Woman and Money (Divine Madness: Pressure Sounds) --req I ROY - Rootsman (Observer 7") BIG YOUTH - Cassava Rock (Rockers 7") HORACE ANDY - My Guiding Star (Prime of Horace Andy: Music Club) --req BARRY BROWN - Give Thanks and Praise (Striker Lee 7") BARRY BROWN - Trying Youth Man (Striker Lee 7") RANKING DEVON - All Nation Have To Bow (Joe Fraiser 7") CULTURE - Police Man (Nura 7") ASWAD - Love Fire (New Chapter: Columbia) --req ASWAD - Dub Fire (New Chapter of Dub: Mango) PERFECT - Ceresea Tea (Marrigold 7") --req TRUTHFUL - African Sound (Marrigold 7") TURBULENCE - Bun Bad Mind (Marrigold 7") JAH CURE & AL BOROSIE - Life (Rockers Rebel 7") JAH CURE - Long For You (2 Cus 7") COCOA TEA - Can't Tek The Fire Bun (Save Us Oh Jah: VP) MORGAN HERITAGE - Exhalt His Name (Sweet Sadies 7") JAH MASON - Be Careful (Sweet Sadies 7") YAMI BOLO - Leaders (Sweet Sadies 7") TONY REBEL - Trod It (Sweet Sadies 7") LUCIANO - Hammer (Irie Ites 7") CHEZIDEK - Powers of the Lion (Irie Ites 7") ANTHONY B & RAS McBEAN - Wake Up Call (Irie Ites 7") SPECTACULAR - Solution (Irie Ites 7") LUTAN FYAH - Bun Dem (Irie Ites 7") AFRIKAN SIMBA - Shine Out Your Love (Ayamba 7") QUEEN IFRIKA - Fire Muma (Flames pre-release) GARNETT SILK - Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders (Jammys 7") --req NIYORAH - Special Requst (Purification Session: I Grade) Chat Pon Riddim: Aswad's "New Chapter of Dub" on Mango

September 9, 2006

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia SEPTEMBER 9 > 2006 LUCIANO - Chant Out (Jet Star Reggae Max: Jet Star) VERSION - Woman Mi Love (Xterminator 7") HORACE ANDY - Mr Bassie (Mr Bassie: Heartbeat) ANGELA PRINCE - No Bother With The Fuss (Studio One Women: Soul Jazz) ANGELA PRINCE - You A Fool Boy (Studio One Women: Soul Jazz) --req FREDDIE McGREGOR - Africa Here I Come (I Am Ready: Studio One) ANTHONY ELLIS - I'm The Ruler (Studio One 7") BARRY BIGGS - Work All Day (Pure Reggae: KTel) PRINCE FARI & CULTURE - Message From The King (Black Man Land: Virgin) TRINITY - Fire Down A Town (Shanty Town Determination: Blood and Fire) TOYAN - Nice It Up (Ghetto Man Skank: Roots) --req JAH THOMAS - Natty Dread The Traveller (Dance On The Corner: Roots) WAILING SOULS - I Hold The Handle (Jah Jah Dreader Than Dread: Munich) PETER TOSH - "something must happen" speech (Live at the JA World Music Fest 1982) PETER TOSH - African (Live at the JA World Music Fest 1982) PETER TOSH - Coming In Hot (Live at the JA World Music Fest 1982) MIDNITE - Bushman (Unpolished: Rastafaria) --req GROUNDATION - Silver Tongue Show (Hebron Gate: Young Tree) --req IJAH MENELIK - Baggawire (Talking Roots II: Mt Nebo) NORRIS MAN - I'm A Free Man (Home and Away: Greensleeves) PRESTIGE - Dub In Dem Heart (Chant Down dubplate special) LUCIANO - Gideon Bus (Black Scorpio 7") CAPLETON & GENTLEMAN - Fire A Go Bun (Black Scorpio 7") TURBULENCE - Upright (Black Scorpio 7") SIZZLA & LUCIANO - Jah Blessings (Xterminator 7") PRINCE MALACHI - Healing In The Streets (Xterminator 7") ROARING LION - Mama and Papa Works (Xterminator 7") BUSHMAN - Downtown (Kings of Kings 7") SIZZLA - Woman of Africa (Greensleeves 12")

September 2, 2006

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia SEPTEMBER 2 > 2006 Playing some serious dubwise ahead of the massive PBS benefit gig 200% Dub, both classic and new homegrown styles... plus some golden era Xterminator cuts, more Culture, and some recent sweetness to bring it home... CULTURE - So Long Babylon A Fool I (Baldhead Bridge: Shanachie) CULTURE - Jah Jah See Dem A Come (Joe Gibbs 7") THE WAILERS - Trenchtown Rock (Songs of Freedom: Island) JACOB MILLER - I'm In Love (Rare Grooves Reggae: Nova) JAH LION - Dread Ina Jamdong (Columbia Colly: Island) DR ALIMANTADO - Reggae Music (House of Singles: Greensleeves) HORACE ANDY - Don't Let Problems Get You Down (Good Vibes: Blood & Fire) JAMMY/PABLO/MUNDELL - Ital Sip (Africa Must Be Free By 1983 Dub: Ras) KING TUBBY & GLEN BROWN - Save Our Dub (Termination Dub: Blood & Fire) KING TUBBY & THE AGGROVATORS - You're No Good Version (Jackpot 7") PABLO ALL STARS - Can't Keep A Good Man Down Version (Rockers Intl 7") MARTIN CAMPBELL - Eastern Block Dub (Log On!! 10") MELATONIN - Boozing By The Billabong (Positive Feedback Loop: Melatonin) AGENCY DUB COLLECTIVE - Back To Roots (Digging Under Babylon: Agency) THE RED EYES - Prolific Dub (Prolific/My Kingdom EP: Echo Foxtrot) THE RED EYES - My Kingdom Dub (Melbourne Yard: PBS) SIZZLA - The World (Xterminator 7") TURBULENCE - My Way To Zion (Xterminator 7") TURBULENCE & PRINCE MALACHI - Righteous Way (Xterminator 7") SIZZLA - Strength and Hope (Xterminator 7") SIZZLA - Dem A Wonder (Xterminator 7") VERSION - Dem A Wonder (Xterminator 7") AL BOROSIE - Herbalist (Forward 7") BERES HAMMOND & DELLY RANKS - Siren (Harmony House 7") BEENIE MAN & DEVONTE - Imagination (Free Willy 7") RICHIE SPICE - Righteous Youths (Spice In Your Life: 5th Element) WILLIE WILLIAMS - Give Jah Praise Version (Messenger Man: Blood & Fire) CHAT PON RIDDIM: KING TUBBY - Yabby You's Prophecy of Dub (Blood and Fire)