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December 31, 2005

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia December 31 > 2005 Looking back at the best albums of 2005, both reissues and brand new releases... MICHAEL ROSE - Babylon Bow (African Roots: Twilight Circus) PETER TOSH - I Am That I Am (Talking Revolution: Pressure Sounds) PHIL PRATT - Safe Travel (Safe Travel: Pressure Sounds) DELROY WILSON - I Don't Know Why (Studio One Lovers: Soul Jazz) ANGELA PRINCE - No Bother With The Fuss (Studio One Women: Soul Jazz) BITTY McLEAN - Walk Away From Love (On Bond St: Peckings) GREGORY ISAACS - Rock On (Sufferation: Auralux) WILLIE WILLIAMS - Give Jah Praise (Messenger Man: Blood & Fire) WILLIE WILLIAMS - Messenger Man (Messenger Man: Blood & Fire) WILLIE WILLIAMS - Dungeon (Messenger Man: Blood & Fire) PRINCE ALLA - Lady Deciever (Only Love Can Conquer: Blood and Fire) --req YELLOWMAN - Mr Chin (Volcano 7") --req WAILERS - Stand Up Jamrock (Island 7") DAMIAN MARLEY - Move (Welcome to Jamrock: Universal) JR KELLY - Rasta Should Be Deeper (Tough Life: VP) JAH CURE & ANTHONY B - Poor Man's Cry (Black Star: Greensleeves) QUEEN OMEGA - Ganja Party (Destiny: Special Delivery) I WAYNE - Lava Ground (Loyal Soldiers 7") LUTAN FYAH - Fire In The Barn (Time and Place: Lustre Kings) KING KONG - Rumble Jumble Life (Rumble Jumble Life: Massive B) ARMY - Jah Reveal It (Rasta Awake: I Grade) ARMY - Honorebel (Rasta Awake: I Grade) FANTAN MOJAH & JAH CURE - Nuh Build Great Man (Hail The King: Greensleeves) MICHAEL ROSE - Waan Fi Go (African Roots: Twilight Circus) MIDNITE - Done Wrong TYpe (Let Live: I Grade) MIDNITE - Double Speak (Let Live: I Grade)

December 17, 2005

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia December 17 > 2005 LUTAN FYAH - Kick Babylon (Afrikan Bump 7") BUNNY WAILER - Blackheart Man (Blackheart Man: Island) BOB MARLEy - Who The Cap Fits (Rastaman Vibration: Tuff gong) BOB MARLEY - Slogans (Tuff Gong CD single) BOB MARLEY - Rainbow Country (Blunted In The Backroom: Antidote) KEN BOOTHE - Everything I Own (Blunted In The Backroom: Antidote) LOUIE LEPKIE - Top Juggling (Blunted In The Backroom: Antidote) BAGGA & KEITH HUDSON - Black Belt Jones (Blunted In The Backroom: Antidote) HORACE ANDY & MAD PROFESSOR - Vanity Vanity (Blunted In The Backroom: Antidote) BILLY BOYO - One Spliff A Day (Jah Guidance 7") COCOA TEA - Come Back (20 Tracks of Cocoa Tea: Sonic Sounds) --req UPSETTERS - Croaking Lizard (Super Ape: Island) THE CONGOS - Bring The Mackaback (Heart of the Congos: Blood and Fire) ABYSSINIANS - Y Mas Gan (Satta Massagana: Heartbeat) KING KONG - Earth Is The Lord (Rumble Jumble Life: Massive B) GARNETT SILK - Complaint (Penthouse 7') TERRY GANZIE - Kings of Kings (Penthouse 7') JR REID - One Blood (JR 7") TERRY GANZIE - One Blood remix (JR 7") SUPERCAT - Jah Run Things (Wild Apache 7") --req MARLON ASHER - Ganja Farmer (Carribean 7") --req LUTAN FYAH - Iniquity Worker (Silly Walks 7") CAPLETON & GENTLEMAN - Live It Up (Silly Walks 7") JAH CURE & FANTAN MOJAH - Nah Build Great Man (Hail The King: Greensleeves) MIDNITE - Livity (Ainshant Maps: Afrikan Roots Lab) DEZARIE - Exhalt (Gracious Mama Africa: Afrikan Roots Lab) JAHMALI - Politics (Penthouse 7") --req SIZZLA - Bright Sunshine (VP 7") JAH CURE - These Are The Times (Don Corleon 7")

December 10, 2005

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia December 10 > 2005 Featuring the Pure Joy and Fire & Rain riddims... the Old Truck on Studio 2000... and guest selection from Jessie Proverbs. BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Rastaman Chant (Songs of Freedom: Island) PETER TOSH - Don't Wanna Get Busted (Talking Revolution: Pressure Sounds) PETER TOSH - speaks about the Halfway Tree incident (Talking Revolution: Pressure Sounds) PETER TOSH - Legalise It (Talking Revolution: Pressure Sounds) ANGELA PRINCE - No Bother With The Fuss (Studio One Women: Soul Jazz) HORTENSE ELLIS - I'm Just A Girl (Studio One Women: Soul Jazz) HORACE ANDY & EARL FLUTE - Satan Side (Rebel Music: Trojan) BIG YOUTH - River Jordan (Natty Universal Dread: Blood & Fire) I ROY - Rootsman (Love 7") MIDNITE - Banking In The Pig (Ras Mek Peace: Wildchild) --req YABBY YOU - Warn The Nation (Jesus Dread: Blood & Fire) KING KONG - Ethiopia (Rumble Jumble Life: Massive B) PERFECT - Babylon Guweh (Yah Bell 7") NORRIS MAN - Take A Miracle (Yah Bell 7") JAHMALI - I&I (Yah Bell 7") CHRISINTI - I'm Settled Now (Yah Bell 7") LUTAN FYAH - You Left Me (Yah Bell 7") FANTAN MOJAH - Perilous Time (Golden Cartel 7") CHRISINTI - Selassie Law (Golden Cartel 7") JAH MASON - They Think I'm Crazy (Golden Cartel 7") KHARI KILL - Picture of Selassie (Massive B 7") PERFECT - Handcart Bwoy (Biggest One Drop Anthems: Greensleeves) --req TURBULENCE - Notorious (THC 7") --req BUJU BANTON - Temperature (Studio 2000 7") VEGAS - Gi Gal Di Wine (Studio 2000 7") ASSASSIN - Rip It Up (Studio 2000 7") JR GONG - More Justice (Halfway Tree: Motown) --req SIZZLA - Where Are You Running To (Soul Deep: Greensleeves)

December 3, 2005

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia December 3 > 2005 Broadcasting all of Tippa Irie's recent performance at in Melbourne as part of PBS' live music week... plus the excellent new album from Fantan Mojah, the World Jam riddim album on Greensleeves, and a new riddim from Five Star records... CULTURE - Blood In A Babylon (Trod On: Heartbeat) BOB MARLEY - Slogans (Tuff Gong CD single) MEDITATIONS - Woman Is Like A Shadow (Scandal 7") MEDITATIONS - Standing On The Corner (Well Charge 7") FRANKIE PAUL - Weed Without Seed (Techniques 7") JR DELGADO - Love Tickles Like Magic (Biggest Dancehall Anthems: Greensleeves) JAH CURE & FANTAN MOJAH - Nuh Build Great Man (Hail The King: Greensleeves) MIKEY SPICE - Try Jah (Five Star Records 7") TONY REBEL - Time to Rise (Five Star Records 7") CHUKKI STARR - Hard Fi Smile (World Jam: Greensleeves)

November 19, 2005

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia November 19 > 2005 Featuring an interview with Tippa Irie ahead of his Australian tour... and revisiting some classic Studio One, and the Baltimore and Mass Media riddims... FREDDIE McGREGOR - Chant It Down (Zion Chant: Heartbeat) HEPTONES - Equal Rights (On Top: Studio One) GLEN WASHINGTON - I Believe (Brother to Brother: Studio One) JENNIFER LARA - A Change Is Gonna Come (Studio One Presents) JIMMY RILEY - Give Thanks and Praise (Babylon A Fall Down: Trojan) THE TRAVELLERS - Poor Man Cry (Black Black Minds: Pressure Sounds) AUGUSTUS PABLO - Skateland Rock (This Is: Heartbeat) --req RAS MICHAEL & SONS OF NEGUS - In Zion (Rastafari: VP) PRINCE ALLA - Thank You Lord (Lion A Go Bite Yu: Headphone) JR REID - Ole Time Something (Big Timer: Artists Only) LEROY SIBBLES - Jah Soon Come (Strictly Roots: Micron) I KONG - Life's Road THE TAMLINS - Baltimore (Taxi 7") COURTNEY MELODY - In The Streets (Star Trail 7") ANTHONY B - Burn Down Soddom (Star Trail 7") SUGAR BLACK & LEBANCULAH - I Don't Have To Listen To Lies (Star Trail 7") TIPPA IRIE - Chant Down Babylon TIPPA IRIE - The UK (Pow Pow 7") TIPPA IRIE - Left The Tippa JAH CURE - My People Calling (HMG 7") JAH MASON - The Truth (HMG 7") MORGAN HERITAGE - Buss Up Barriers (HMG 7") CAPLETON - Mr Mass Media (HMG 7") JR KELLY - Not I (Tough Life: VP) JR KELLY - Black African Star (Reality Calling: Jet Star) GROUNDATION - Smile (We Free Again: Young Tree) --req CHAT PON RIDDIM: "Larry Marshall Meets King Tubbys" on Motion

November 12, 2005

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia November 12 > 2005 Highlights included new cuts on the Spiritual War riddim... the Dream Path on MX... the Concubine riddim on Rich House... and revisiting the Tai Chi... CHRISINTI - Free Water Way (Frenz 7") GYPTIAN - Serious Times (Frenz 7") PERFECT - Grow Your Natty (Frenz 7") HUGH MUNDELL - Great Tribulation (Blackman's Foundation: Shanachie) LEROY SMART - Let Your Heart Be Pure (Jackpot 7") VERSION - Declaration of Rights (Jackpot 7") ROD TAYLOR - Bad Man Comes and Goes (Ethiopian Kings: Patate) DILLINGER - Nuh Chuck It (Ethiopian Kings: Patate) MIGHTY DIAMONDS - Them Never Love Poor Marcus (Go Seek Your Rights: Virgin) BIG YOUTH - Mosiah Garvey (Natty Universal Dread: Blood and Fire) PRINCE FARI - No More War (Silver and Gold: Blood and Fire) HORACE ANDY - Stop The Fuss (Exclusively: Wackies) BARRINGTON LEVY - Hypocrites (Time Capsule: Ras) --req YELLOWMAN - Bam Bam (Bad Boy Skanking) --req BABY WAYNE - Bawl (Rocky Gibbs 7") DON CARLOS - Roots Rock Party --req STEEL PULSE - Stepping Out (live at Solidays fest Paris 2005) --req TIPPA IRIE - Chant Down Babylon ANTHONY B - Me Dem Ah Ban (Universal Message: VP) ANTHONY B - Higher Heights (2 Strong: Star Trail) NATTY KING - Who Dem (MX 7") TURBULENCE - Girl Over Gun (MX 7") JAH MASON - Free Up (MX 7") CAPLETON - Warning (Shocking Vibes 7") CAPLETON - Chalice (African Star 7") VYBZ KARTEL - Why Why (Rich House 7") BEENIE MAN - Whisper (Rich House 7") MR VEGAS - Wine and Stop (Rich House 7") TOK - Most Wanted (Rich House 7") TOK - Cree (B-Rich 7") TANYA STEPHENS - Please Me (B-Rich 7") FRISCO KID - Dem Nuh Worry We (B-Rich 7") GENTLEMAN, LUCIANO, MIKEY GENERAL - Younger Generation (Journey To Jah: Four Music) --req MIDNITE - Double Speak (Let Live: I Grade) --req CHAT PON RIDDIM: Barrington Levy "Time Capsule" on Ras

October 29, 2005

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia October 29 > 2005 Highlights included the new Prince Fari compilation on Blood and Fire... some classic 90s roots from Sizzla, Buju, Cocoa Tea... the Zion riddim on Irie Ites... MEDITATIONS - Babylon Trap Them (Meditation 7") PRINCE FARI - Johnny Get Worse (Silver and Gold: Blood and Fire) PRINCE FARI - 354 Skank (Silver and Gold: Blood and Fire) ERROL HOLT - Who Have Eyes To See (Silver and Gold: Blood and Fire) BOB MARLEY - Lick Samba (Songs of Freedom: Island) --req KEN BOOTHE - Silver Words (Blood and Fire: Trojan) --req LEE PERRY - Dub Organiser (Blackboard Jungle Dub: Auralux) --req WILLIE WILLIAMS - Give Jah Praise (Messenger Man: Blood & Fire) MR STONE - Jah Jah Higher Than I (Sufferation: Auralux) LOPEZ WALKER - Send Another Moses (Children of Jah: Blood & Fire) BURNING SPEAR - It's A Long Way Around (Chant Down Babylon: Island) BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Survival (Songs of Freedom: Island) NASIO - African Spirit (Living In The Positive: Higher Love) GROUNDATION, DON CARLOS, CEDRIC MYTON - Undivided (Hebron Gate: Young Tree) --req MICHAEL ROSE - Wicked Run (Fleximix 7") NATURAL BLACK - Are You Ready (Fleximix 7") BUJU BANTON - Shiloh (Til Shiloh: Penthouse) BUJU BANTON - Til I'm Laid To Rest (Til Shiloh: Penthouse) SIZZLA - Dem A Wonder (Praise Ye Jah: Xterminator) COCOA TEA - Repatriation (Israel's King: VP) SIZZLA - Greedy Joe (Praise Ye Jah: Xterminator) CAPLETON - Glorious Morning (Prophecy: African Star) DAWEH CONGO - Coconut Chalice (Militancy: Runn) DAWEH CONGO - Iration (Guidance: Jet Star) --req TURBULENCE - Rasta Livity (Irie Ites 7") MALIJAH - Cease All War (Irie Ites 7") SPECTACULAR - Rasta (Irie Ites 7") LUTAN FYAH - Intoxicated (Irie Ites 7") TONY REBEL - Why People (Irie Ites 7") JAH CURE - Reflection (Down Sound 7") --req CHAT PON RIDDIM: Glen Brown and Friends "Rhythm Master vol 1" on Hot Pot

October 22, 2005

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia October 22 > 2005 MIDNITE - Charge (Weep Not: I Grade) PHIL PRATT - Safe Travel (Safe Travel: Pressure Sounds) KEITH & TEX - Hypnotic Eyes (Stop That Train: Crystalis) SANG HUGH - Last Call Fe Blackman (Truths and Rights: Heartbeat) SANG HUGH - Rasta No Born Yah (Blood and Fire: Trojan) SONS OF SELASSIE - I Man A African (Blood and Fire: Trojan) LITTLE ROY - Touch Not My Locks (Burning Up: Trojan) I ROY - Don't Touch I Man Dreadlocks (Crisus Time: Virgin) BUNNY WAILER - Rise and Shine (Solomonic 12") JOHNNY OSBOURNE - Nightfall (Nightfall Showcase: Munich) DENNIS BROWN - Here I Come (Blood and Fire: Trojan) FREDDIE McGREGOR - Lovers Rock In A JA Style (Blood & Fire: TrOjan) ASWAD - Roots Rocking (BBC Sessions: Strange Fruit) CAPITAL LETTERS - Natty Walk (Headline News: Greensleeves) STEEL PULSE - Makka Splaff (Handsworth Revolution: Island) MUTABARUKA - Life and Debt (Life and Debt: Island) BUJU BANTON - Destiny acapella (Life and Debt: Island) ZIGGY MARLEY - G7 (Life and Debt: Island) ANTHONY B - Nah Sell Out (In Touch 7") RICHIE SPICE - Living In Fear (In Touch 7") PERFECT - Giddimani Questions (In Touch 7") CAPLETON & JIGSY KING - Ton or Pound (unreleased special) RICHIE SPICE - Marijuana (5th Element 7") SIZZLA - For You (5th Element 7") JAH CURE - Good Morning Jah Jah (5th Element 7") NATURAL BLACK - Conquer Dem (5th Element 7") CHUCK FENDER - I Swear (5th Element 7") JR KELLY - Tough Life (Tough Life 7") JAHMALI - Let Me Live (El Shaddai: Penthouse) JAHMALI - El Shaddai (El Shaddai: Penthouse) RAS SHILOH - Brass Gates (Babylon You Doom: Shiloh B) JAH CURE - Longing For (Don Corleon 7") SIZZLA - Be Strong (Don Corleon 7") JR GONG - Confrontation (Jamrock: Tuff Gong)