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October 16, 2004

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia October 16 > 2004 Highlights include the wicked Punjabi No 1 riddim from African Love... the Gideon riddim on Youngblood... and some classic mid-90s singles on the Kings of Kings label... JAHMALI - Politics (El Shaddai: Penthouse) OWEN GREY - Too Experienced (Shook, Shimmy & Shake: Trojan) OWEN GREY - Bongo Natty (Shook, Shimmy & Shake: Trojan) U BROWN - Watch This People (Train To Zion: Blood and Fire) BURNING SPEAR - Travelling (Spear Burning: Pressure Sounds) GLEN BROWN & GLENROY RICHARDS - Save Our Nation (Boat To Progress: Pantomine) GLEN BROWN & KING TUBBY - Save Our Dub (Termination Dub: Blood and Fire) PABLO GAD - Hard Times (Best of Pablo Gad: Jet Star) BIM SHERMAN - Slummy Ghetto (On-U Sound Archive vol 1: On-U) COCOA TEA - There Must Be A Time (20 Tracks of Cocoa Tea: Sonic Sounds) DON CARLOS - Nice Time (Classic Reggae: Mastercuts) DEZARIE - Law Fi The Outlaw (Gracious Mama Africa: Afrikan Roots Lab) MIDNITE - Lianess (Scheme A Things: Rastafaria) PREZIDENT BROWN & CHACHI - Woman of the Rising Sun (Showcase vol 1: Jahmani) BUJU BANTON - Untold Stories (Til Shiloh: Penthouse) CHUCK FENDER - Murder (Youngblood 7") RICHIE SPICE - Calling Out My Name (Youngblood 7") NATURAL BLACK - Your Time Soon Come (Youngblood 7") DETERMINE - How The World Run So (unreleased Jake Savona/Chant Down production) CAPLETON & CHRISTOPHER - Can't Touch Me Levels (African Love 7") ELEPHANT MAN & PINCHERS - Needle Eye (African Love 7") NADIA & ISHWAR - No 1 Punjabi (African Love 7") PUSHIM - Soldier (Ki/ooi 12") NORRIS MAN - Persistance acoustic mix (Kings of Kings 7") CHRISINTI - Cry of the Needy (Kings of Kings 7") SIZZLA - Show Us The Way (Kings of Kings 7") ANTHONY B - Crime Stop (Kings of Kings: Equal Rights) NORRIS MAN - Far From The Light (Kings of Kings 7") TONY REBEL - Roman Soldiers (Kings of Kings 7") CHAT PON RIDDIM: Yabby U and Michael Prophet Meet Scientist At Dub Station (Vivian Jackson LP)

October 9, 2004

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia October 9 > 2004 Burning fire on politricks as Australia goes to the polls for a federal election... featuring the first class bingi riddim "Maroon" from Down Sound... the "Nine Eleven" riddim on Lion Paw... the new Owen Gray compliation on Trojan... and nuff topical Anthony B... ANTHONY B - Bun Dem (Down Sound 7") FANTAN MOJAH - Hail The King (Down Sound 7") JAH CURE - Congo Man (Down Sound 7") ANTHONY B - Do Something For The Poor (Powers of Creation: Nocturne) KING TIDE & CULTURE JAMMER - Stand Down Johnny PETER TOSH - You Can't Fool Me Again (Honorary Citizen: Columbia) OWEN GRAY - Free Up Jah Jah Children (Shook, Shimmy & Shake: Trojan) OWEN GRAY - Let Jah Arise (Shook, Shimmy & Shake: Trojan) JOHNNY OSBOURNE - People Watch Me (Studio One 7") --req SOUND DIMENSION - Drum Song (100% Dynamite: Soul Jazz) --req MIGHTY CLOUD BAND - Today's Version (Original Music 7") BLACK UHURU - Plastic Smile (Happiness: Heartbeat) GROUNDATION - Silver Tongue Show (Hebron Gate: Young Tree) NASIO FONTAINE - African Spirit (Living In The Positive: Higher Love) --req BAMBU STATION - Gunsmoke (One Day: Mt Nebo) MIDNITE - Swing and Slide (Nemozian Rasta: I-Grade) --req INI KAMOZE - World A Music (Taxi 7") JR GONG - Jamrock (Ghetto Youths 7") ANTHONY B - Don't Fight Dem War (Diamond Rush 7") ANTHONY B - Naw Vote (Diamond Rush 7") LISA DAINJAH - Be Wise (Diamond Rush 7") RICHIE SPICE - It's Gonna Be Terrible (Lion Paw 7") JAH CURE - Searching For A Girl Like You (Lion Paw 7") MORGAN HERITAGE - Hail Rastafari (Lion Paw 7") JAHMALI - Politics (El Shaddai: Penthouse) GENTLEMAN - Church and State (Confidence) LUCIANO, BERES, TONY REBEL, LOUIE CULTURE - Every Man Has His Way (Duets: VP) --req DUBKASM - Placed In Dub (Sufferer's Choice 12") TANYA STEPHENS - Turn The Other Cheek (Gangsta Blues: VP) --req CHAT PON RIDDIM: "Forward The Bass: Dub From Randys" on Blood and Fire

More Fire 39 – October 2004

From More Fire 39 – October 2004. Posted by Chant Down Sound on 6/17/2014 (13 items)

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October 2, 2004

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia October 2 > 2004 Highlights included a 20 minute guest spot from DJ Jonah and MC Altafari... some vintage classics from the big foundation singers... new albums from Gentleman, Anthony B, and Daweh Congo... and revisiting the massive Blaze riddim on Pow Pow, and the Real Rock recut on Xterminator... JACOB MILLER - Dread Ina Babylon (Too Much Iron In The Fire: Trojan) FREDDIE McGREGOR - Africa Here I Come (The Anthology: VP) DENNIS BROWN - Money In My Pocket (Money In My Pocket: Trojan) --req BIG YOUTH - A So We Stay (Money In My Pocket: Trojan) GREGORY ISAACS - Set The Captives Free (Mr Isaacs: Blood and Fire) SUGAR MINOTT - Free Jah Jah Children (Ghetto-ology: Trojan) THE HEPTONES - Oh Jah (Deep In The Roots: Heartbeat) THE WAILERS - Satisfy My Soul (Roots of a Legend: Trojan) --req JOHNNY OSBOURNE - Qua She (Nightfall Showcase: Munich) --req JOHNNY RINGO - Qua She Take Over (Nightfall Showcase: Munich) KATCHAFIRE - Giddy Up (Mai Music CD single) YAHADANAI - Gratitude (One Atonement: I-Grade) MIDNITE - Judgement for Sentence (Ainshant Maps: African Roots Lab) --req > GENTLEMAN, BARRINGTON LEVY, DADDY RINGS - Caan Hold Us Down (Confidence) ANTHONY B - Stand Gaurd (Powers of Creation: Nocturne) DAWEH CONGO - Jah Children (Jah Children: Super Vibes) RICHIE SPICE - The Way You Living (Pow Pow 7") --req TURBULENCE - Rest A Show (Pow Pow 7") CHUCK FENDER - For My People (Pow Pow 7") LUTAN FYAH - Bits and Pieces (Pow Pow 7") TURBULENCE - They Must Go Down (Xterminator 7") MICHAEL ROSE - Kill Off The President (Xterminator 7") TURBULENCE - What A Wonderful World (Chant Down dubplate special) --req RAS SHILOH - Travel Lite (Babylon You Doom: Shiloh B) JAH WARRIOR - Glory Dub (Glory: Jah Warrior) --req JAH MASON - Rumours of War (Most Royal: Jah Warrior) CHAT PON RIDDIM: Blackbeard's "Too Much Iron In The Fire" on Trojan

September 25, 2004

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia September 25 > 2004 Featuring great new albums from Anthony B and Daweh Congo... the new Michael Rose compilation on Heartbeat... and some wicked unreleased dubplate-style I Wayne... ENOS McCLOUD - Jericho (The Genius of Enos: Pressure Sounds) SANG HUGH - Last Call Fe Blackman (Truths and Rights Observer Style: Heartbeat) THE JAYBOYS - African People (Babylon A Fall Down: Trojan) MICHAEL ROSE - Guess Whos Coming To Dinner original (Happiness: Heartbeat) SUGAR MINOTT - Oh Mr DC (Showcase: Studio One) --req RONNIE DAVIS - Mr World (Too Much Iron In The Fire: Trojan) RONNIE DAVIS - Too Much Religion (Too Much Iron In The Fire: Trojan) JACOB MILLER - Forward Ever, Backward Never (Songbook: VP) LINVAL THOMPSON - Jah Jah Dreader Than Dread (Jah Jah Dreader Than Dread: Munich) STEEL PULSE - Makka Medley (Rastafari Centennial: MCA) --req ASWAD - Love Fire (Live and Direct: Island) SISTER NANCY - Transport Connection (One Two: Techniques) --req DEZARIE - Mind Yu Own (Fya: I-Grade) YAHADANAI - One Atonement (One Atonement: I-Grade) I WAYNE - Truth (unreleased promo) I WAYNE - More Herb (unreleased promo) DAWEH CONGO - Social Disorder (Jah Children: Super Vibes) ANTHONY B - Send Them Come (Powers of Creation: Nocturne) ANTHONY B - Do Something For The Poor (Powers of Creation: Nocturne) COCOA TEA - Who (Feel The Power: VP) MORGAN HERITAGE - Wicked Seeking Hiding Place (One Calling: VP) --req MICHAEL ROSE - Happiness (Happiness: Heartbeat) JAH CURE - Move On (King of Kings 7") CAPLETON - Yad Along (King of Kings 7") JAH MASON - Love How The Youths Dem Live (Most Royal: Jah Warrior) --req CHAT PON RIDDIM: Inner Circle/Fatman Riddim Section "Heavyweight Dub" on Blood and Fire

September 18, 2004

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia September 18 > 2004 Highlights include 20 mintues of an interview I conducted with Capleton at his David House camp in Kingston, August 2003... plus the new Blackbeard compilation "Too Much Iron In The Fire" on Trojan... and some quality Australian reggae and dancehall. CAPLETON - I&I Chant (African Star 7") JOHN HOLT - Left With A Broken Heart (Tide Is High: Trojan) THE WAILERS - Lively Up Yourself (Roots of A Legend: Trojan) THE EAGLES - Rasta Pickney (Jaguar 7") THE EAGLES - Rasta Harvest (Jack Ruby Presents The Black Foundation: Heartbeat) CULTURE - Natty Dread Taking Over (Two Sevens Clash: Shanachie) MIGHTY DIAMONDS - Eyes on Africa (Too Much Iron In The Fire: Trojan) HORACE ANDY - Free Africa (Too Much Iron In The Fire: Trojan) EARL 16 - Rastaman (Soldiers of Jah Army: Patate) THE WAILERS - African Herbsman (Roots of A Legend: Trojan) --req DANNY DREAD - Bible Connection (Thrillseekers 7") --req SYMBIOSIS - O The Nite (Symbiosis promo EP) DAMAJAH & SECRET MASTERS - Cool Bwoy (Secret Masters: Inertia) JAKE SAVONA & RuCL - Same Story (Invasion Day) NORRIS MAN - Lifestyle (Dirtworx 7") NATTY KING - No Guns To Town (2 Miles 7") CAPLETON - I See Them Quaking (2 Miles 7") CAPLETON - Red Red Red (Still Blazing: VP) CAPLETON - Search Fi Find (Still Blazing: VP) CAPLETON - Don't Dis The Trinity (Prophecy: Def Jam) NITTY GRITTY - Gimme Some A Your Something (Jammys 7") --req CHAT PON RIDDIM: The Definitive Augustus Pablo on Rockers / Planet MGM

September 11, 2004

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia September 11 > 2004 Highlights include some classic late 80s, early 90s dancehall... the Meditation riddim on Rashanco... and some classic 70s rockers from Channel One.. DAWN PENN, BOUNTY KILLER, KEN BOOTHE, DENNIS BROWN - No No No (Balantic 7") --req ERROL DUNKLEY - Black Cinderella (Fe Me Time 7") BIG YOUTH - The First Big Youth (Fe Me Time 7") ALTON ELLIS - Change of Plan (Still In Love: Trojan) WAILING SOULS - Jah Jah Give Us Life To Live ext (At Channel One: Pressure Sounds) GLEN WASHINGTON - Rockers A No Crackers (The Mighty Two: Heartbeat) --req MIGHTY DIAMONDS - Gnashing of Teeth (Go Seek Your Rights: Virgin Frontline) U ROY - Full Time (Right Time Rockers: Soundsystem) HORACE ANDY - Money Money (The Prime of: Music Club) --req BIM SHERMAN - Golden Stool (Love Forever: Century) ALPHA BLONDY - Jah Houphouet (Apartheid Is Nazism: Sterns) --req DON CARLOS - From Creation (Blacker Dread 12") --req EASY STAR ALLSTARS + FRANKIE PAUL - Us And Them (Dub Side of the Moon: Easy Stars) --req TENOR SAW - Pumpkin Belly (Sonic Sounds 7") --req NITTY GRITTY - Run Down The World (Jammys 7") TONY REBEL - The Herb (Penthouse 7") BUJU BANTON - God of My Salvation (Penthouse 7") SIZZLA - Ghetto Youth (Fire House Crew 7") SLYVIA TELLA - Brothers and Sisters (Jet Star Reggae Max) --req ANTHONY B - Warrior (Chant Down dubplate special) --req ANTHONY B - Higher Level (Rashanco 7") LUTAN FYAH - Livity First (Rashanco 7") HALF PINT & MICHIGAN - I Know It (Rashanco 7") LUCIANO & JOSEY WALES - Rebel With A Cause (Duets: Jet Star) --req JAHMALI - Miles In The Sky (Penthouse 7") LUTAN FYAH - Woe To The Bloody City (Lustre Kings 7") CHAT PON RIDDIM: Prince Jammy & Dennis Brown "Umoja Dub" on Blood and Fire

More Fire 38 – September 2004

From More Fire 38 – September 2004. Posted by Chant Down Sound on 6/17/2014 (10 items)

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September 4, 2004

CHANT DOWN BABYLON with Jesse I 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia September 4 > 2004 Featuring the "Security" riddim on Alatfan... a recut of the old Peanut Vendor riddim (aka Top Ten) by Joe Fraiser... and a good new album from Jah Mason... TORCH - Look At This World (Penthouse 7") CORNEL CAMPBELL - Pretty Looks (Studio One 7") BUNNY RUGS - I Never Had It So Good (To Love Somebody: Tabou 1) MAX ROMEO - Chase The Devil (War Ina Babylon: Island) --req ABYSSINIANS - Jah Love Dub (Satta Dub: Tabou 1) WAYNE WADE - Man of The Living (Jesus Dread: Blood and Fire) PABLO GAD - Gun Fever (Best of Pablo Gad: Jet Star) EARL 16 - Raiders (Soldier Of Jah Army: Patate) DENNIS BROWN - Some Like It Hot (Just Dennis: Trojan) TAPPA ZUKIE - Poor Man Problem (Blackman: Stars) CLINT EASTWOOD - Blues Night (Sex Education: Greensleeves) LINVAL THOMPSON & ADMIRAL BAILEY - Rockfort Rock (Volcano 7") GREGORY ISAACS - Top Ten (Heartbeat Reggae: Heartbeat) FREDDIE McGREGOR - Na Bada (Joe Frasier 7") GLEN WASHINGTON - Roller Costa Ride (Joe Fraiser 7") CREATION REBEL - Mother Don't Cry (Reggae Archives Vol 1: On-U) --req MIDNITE - Jah Umbrella (Weep Not: I-Grade) DEZARIE - Woe (Talking Roots Vol 1: Mt Nebo) JAH MASON - Burn Dem For A Purpose (Surprise Dem: Vikings) JAH MASON - Slip and Slide (Chant Down dubplate special) --req KYMANI MARLEY - Haile I (Many More Roads: Artists Only) --req ADMIRAL TIBET & TURBULENCE - Police Informer (Altafan 7") TANYA STEPHENS - Can't Breathe (Altafan 7") SIZZLA - Much More (Altafan 7") JR KELLY - Go Round Dem (Altafan 7") BUSHMAN - 77 Times 7 (Signs: VP) --req CHAT PON RIDDIM: "20th Century DEBwise" on Blood and Fire

August 31, 2004

THE BRIGHT WHITE LAND OF COMFORT 106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia 5pm to 7pm, August 31 > 2004 Filling in for Phil Egan on his show "Bright White Land of Comfort" and enjoying the opportunity to mix up some dancehall and hiphop remixes I don't normally get to play on air... MIDNITE & I-GRADE - Black Congo (Nemozian Rasta: I-Grade) DEZARIE & I-GRADE - Fya Dub (Fya: I-Grade) MIDNITE & I-GRADE - Balance (Assini: I-Grade) DEZARIE & I-GRADE - Fya (Fya: I-Grade) JAH CURE - Longing For (Don Corleon 7") I-WAYNE - Living In Love (Gibbo 7") BASCOM X - Lonely Heart (Gibbo 7") CAPLETON - That Day Will Come (Gibbo 7") TANYA STEPHENS - Can't Breathe (Altafan 7") SIZZLA - Much More (Altafan 7") TURBULENCE - Love Her Forever (Pow Pow 7") JAH MASON - Love Is Amazing (Pow Pow 7") MORGAN HERITAGE - Inna Dem Ting Deh (Pow Pow 7") KIPRICH - We Waan Fi Know (Fresh Ear 7") CECILE - Neva Even Pet It (Fresh Ear 7") VYBZ KARTEL - What You Want From Me (Fresh Ear 7") SIZZLA - Only Takes Time (South Rakkas Crew 7") CAPLETON - Real Hot (South Rakkas Crew 7") DETERMINE - Hands Off (South Rakkas Crew 7") PREDATOR - Mad Sick (South Rakkas Crew 7") TURBULENCE & HIGHER TROD - Move On (Minor 7, Flat 5 7") LUTAN FYAH - De Youth Dem (Minor 7, Flat 5 7") ELEPHANT MAN - Indian Gal (Star Kutt 7") VEGAS - Hands In The Air (In The Streetz 7") PUNJABI MC, JAY Z, PHARELL - Beware of the Boyz (Tin Kin Toe 7") SEAN PAUL - Gimme The Light remix (Special Remix 7") BOUNTY KILLER - Blast Oonu (Blank 7") BEENIE MAN - Nanny Island (Club Remix 7") TOK - Me Waan Fi Know (Club Remix 7") SIZZLA - All Is Well (Vendetta 7") ANTHONY B - Chant (Vendetta 7") BOUNTY KILLER - Send It (Vendetta 7") BOUNTY KILLER - Run (Secret Productions 7") CAPLETON - Take It Off (In The Streetz 7") SIZZLA - For Your Love (In The Streetz 7") SIZZLA - Beautiful and Charming (Just Casvil 7") SIZZLA - Ain't Gonna See Us Fall (City Dawgs 7") COBRA - Bruise Up remix (Wall Street 7") CAPLETON - Dutty Life remix (Wall Street 7") CAPLETON - Overtime Bomb remix (Kamau 7") ANTHONY MALVO & ZALLY - Cylena (Kamau 7") ZALLY - Hot and Demanding (Kamau 7") BOUNTY KILLER - Proceed (97 Crew 7") ELEPHANT MAN - Cha Cha Remix (City Dawgs 7") SIZZLA - Satisfy Yourself remix (Foriegn Remix 7")