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November 3, 2001

Highlights include new singles on the Wall Street and Barry U labels... new albums from Motion and Pressure Sounds... and a phone interview with lead singer and founding member of the Congos, Cedric Myton. KING KONG - Babylon (Firehouse Revolution: Pressure Sounds) PRINCE JAMMY & HORACE ANDY - Dub Down Rome AUGUSTUS CLARKE - Loving Pauper dub (Black Foundation Dub: Motion) GREGORY ISAACS - Loving Pauper (Prime of Gregory Isaacs: MusicClub) AL BROWN - Ain't No Love In The Heart of the City (Darker Than Blue: Blood & Fire) FREDDIE McGREGOR - Rastaman Camp (Zion Chant: Heartbeat) BOMBA - Speed of Sound (unreleased) --req CONGOS - Fisherman (Heart of the Congos: Blood & Fire) CONGOS - children crying (Heart of the Congos: Blood & Fire) CONGOS - Don't Blame It On I (Arkology: Island) CONGOS - Take One Step (Revival: VP) JR GONG - Catch A Fire (Halfway Tree: Motown) SIZZLA - Somewhere Oh Oh (taking Over: VP) --req CAPLETON - Gwaan Fight Them (Black Scorpio 7") --req VERSION - Young and Old (Wall Street 7") CHRISINTI - Simpler (Wall Street 7") NORRIS MAN - Real Warrior (Wall Street 7") JAH MASON - She Comes and Goes (Barry U 7") WINSTON HUSSEY - My Sound (Barry U 7") JR KELLY - Clean Heart (Love So Nice: VP) COCOA TEA - L.O.V.E. (Feel The Power: VP) JAH CURE - Sunny Day (Free Jah's Cure: J&D) chat pon riddim: PRINCE JAMMY & HORACE ANDY - In the Light Dub (Blood & Fire)

October 27, 2001

Featuring a segment of last week's CHANT DOWN soundsystem dance "Nice Up The Dance"... and fresh new singles on the Sirius and Nuclear labels. ALLA - Babylon A Fight Rasta (Twinkle 7") BOB MARLEY - Sun Is Shining (Songs of Freedom: Island) --req BIM SHERMAN - Fit To Survive (Meets Horace Andy & U Black) MISTY IN ROOTS - Economical Slavery (Jah Sees Jah Knows: Snapper) --req LEROY SMART - Jah Is My Light (Microphone Attack: Blood & Fire) I ROY - Wicked eat Dirt (Microphone Attack: Blood & Fire) JACOB MILLER - Take A Lift (Songbook: VP) JAH WARRIOR - Poverty Dub (Youthman Veteran: Jah Warrior) VIVIAN JONES - Rastafari Is My Life (Sirius 7") NERIUS JOSEPH & STARKEY BANTON - Blackman Time (Sirius 7") VERSION - Rastafari Is My Life (Sirius 7") RAS ITES - Redder Judgement (Urban Regeneration: Jet Star) UTON GREEN - Most Wanted (Nuclear 7") LMJ - We Are Blessed (Nuclear 7") CHRISTINA - Black Woman Redemption (Nuclear 7") --req TURBULENCE - The Children (Nuclear 7") ANTHONY B - Not Guilty (Energy 7") --req SIZZLA - The One I Love (Energy 7") --req DAMIEN MARLEY - More Justice (Ghetto Youths 7") VERSION - More Justice (Still Searching CD single: Ghetto Youths) GLEN WASHINGTON & GEORGE NOOKS - Can I Get A Witness (Kickin 7") DENNIS BROWN - Joy In My Soul (Ranking Joe 7") --req THE CONGOS - Ark of the Covenant (Heart of the Congos: Blood & Fire) chat pon riddim: BIM SHERMAN MEETS HORACE ANDY AND U BLACK

More Fire 6 – October 2001

“photos from More Fire #6, October 2001 at Deep 11.”

From More Fire 6 – October 2001. Posted by Chant Down Sound on 6/13/2014 (8 items)

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October 20, 2001

Nicing things up for the big Saturday night Chant Down dance with nice old-school selection... plus fresh singles including Anthony B's commentary on his recent court case... and live footage of Sizzla and Capleton from the "More Culture 2001" stage show. BIG YOUTH - Dread In A Babylon (Chanting Dread Inna Fine Style: Heartbeat) ROOTS RADICS & JAH THOMAS - Soldierman Dub (Dubbing: Trojan) JOHN HOLT - Only A Smile (Tide Is High: Trojan) --req DANA V - Brotherly Love (Dancehall Selection: Heartbeat) MICHIGAN & SMILEY - Nice Up The Dance (Nice Up The Dance: Heartbeat) WAILERS - Nice Time (Songs of Freedom: Island) WAYNE JARRETT - Saturday Night DON CARLOS - Late Night Blues (Classic Reggae: Mastercuts) LARRY MALUMA - Iwe Ganiza (Zamkezi 7") --req LARRY MALUMA - Slow Down (Roots and Herbs: Safari) --req PETER TOSH - Igziabher (Legalise It: CBS) --req CHARLIE CHAPLIN & BIG JERRY - Stur Gav Nice (King Stur Gav Live 1998) --req JOHNNY OSBOURNE & U BROWN - Stur Gav Ruffest and Tuffest (King Stur Gav Live 1998) SUGAR MINOTT - Nice It Up (Slice of the Cake: Heartbeat) JOHNNY OSBOURNE - Water Pumping (Water Pumping: Greensleeves) GREGORY ISAACS - Night Nurse (Night Nurse: Island) ANTHONY B - Waan Back (Universal Message: VP) BERES HAMMOND - Rock Away (Harmony House 7") ANTHONY B - Not Guilty (Energy 7") SIZZLA - The One I Love (Energy 7") COBRA - Musical Love ELIJAH PROPHET - Life Is A Jungle ELIJAH PROHET - Bout You A Shotta SIZZLA & CAPLETON - Kings In The Jungle (Culture 2001 Live) SIZZLA - Jailbreak (Culture 2001 Live) CAPLETON - Man Bruk (Culture 2001 Live) CAPLETON & COCOA TEA - African Star A Kill Dem (Capleton & Friends for African Star) JAH MASON - Take Me There (Barry U 7") GLEN WASHINGTON - Rather Be In Love (Can't Keep A Good Man Down) --req chat pon riddim: ROOTS RADICS & JAH THOMAS - Dubbing on Trojan

October 13, 2001

Highlights include wicked new cuts on Aswad's "Promised Land" riddim... the VC hit "By His Deeds"... and the new Ras Ites album. KNOWLEDGE - Chant Rastaman (Wambesi 7") GAYLADS - How Long Version (Love and Understanding) WAILERS - Hypocrites (Songs of Freedom: Island) DILLINGER - Modern Judas (Gangster, Prankster, Rasta: MusicClub) I ROY - Jah Come Here (Microphone Attack: Blood & Fire) GREGORY ISAACS - Conversation (Mr Isaacs: Blood & Fire) PRINCE FAR I - Stop The War (Spear of the Nation) PETER TOSH - No Nuclear War (The Gold Collection) MISTY IN ROOTS - Oh Wicked Man (Live at the Counter Eurovision) ASWAD - Red Up (Aswad: Island) AUGUSTUS PABLO - Pablo Dread In A Red (Jesus Dread: Blood & Fire) MAD PROFESSOR - African Connection (Dubbing You Carzy: Poptones) --req LEROY SIBBLES - Let Jah Music Ride (On Top) JR REID - One Blood (JR 7") --req EVERTON BLENDER - Golden Pen (Visionary: Heartbeat) PRINCE FAR I - Survival Version (Spear of the Nation) BUSHMAN - Interlude / Hard Times (Live at the Operahouse) RAS ITES - Chop Corruption (Urban Regeneration: Jet Star) AL CAMPBELL - United (Deeper Roots: Jet Star) RAS SHILOH - So Proud (Melchezidek 7") VC - By His Deeds (Dig Dis 7") VERSION - Promised Land (Reggae Central 7") LUCIANO - Should I Slumber (Reggae Central 7") CAPLETON - Words of Mind (Reggae Central 7") SIZZLA - Catch The Place A Fire (Reggae Central 7") JIMMY RILEY - Majority Rule (Babylon A Fall Down: Trojan) chat pon riddim: THE GAYLADS - Love and Understanding PRINCE FAR I - Spear of the Nation

October 6, 2001

Back in action after spending last weekend in Sydney playing alongside Nasty Tek soundsystem at their dance "Outlaws In Babylon". Highlights include killer new singles on the Treasure Chest label... fresh Ras Shiloh on the classic "Chase The Devil" riddim... and a new Jah Warrior disc of Dillinger cuts... PALMER BROS - Step It Out Of Babylon (Hawkeye 7") LITTLE ROY - Little Girl Dub (Columbus Ship) LLOYD CHARMERS - Darker Than Blue (Darker Than Blue: Blood & Fire) DILLINGER - No Racial War (Youthman Veteran: Jah Warrior) JAH WARRIOR - No Racial Dub (Youthman Veteran: Jah Warrior) MAD PROFESSOR - Fast Forward Into Dub (Dubbing You Crazy: Poptones) CHUKKI STARR - Almighty One (Ghetto Youth's Livity: Arwia) DUBWORX - Travella Dub (Dubworx) THE TECHNICIAN - Deep In My Dub (The Day After Dub) -req GLEN BROWN & GLENROY RICHARDS - Save Our Nation (Boat To Progress: Pantomine) GREGORY ISAACS - Slave Master (Mr Isaacs: Blood & Fire) DILLINGER - Take A Dip (Mr Isaacs: Blood & Fire) BIG YOUTH - Four Sevens (Microphone Attack: Blood & Fire) MAX ROMEO - I Chase The Devil (War Ina Babylon: Island) -req RAS SHILOH - Far Too Long (Penthouse 7") CHRISINTI - Deliver Me (Gargamel 7") LUCIANO & BUJU BANTON - Revolution (Gargamel 7") VERSION - Righteousness (Treasure Chest 7") HALF PINT - Love What A gwaan (Treasure Chest 7") JAH MASON - Now and Forever (Treasure Chest 7") MICHAEL ROSE - Why (Ranking Joe 7") -req YAMI BOLO, ROCKER T, IPA - 3 The Heights Way -req DAWEH CONGO - Most Naturally (Solden 7") BARRINGTON & BEENIE MAN - Murderation (Xtra Large 7") -req SIZZLA - Give Her The Love (Rastafari Teach I Everything: Greensleeves) CAPLETON - Man Bruk (Conscious Ragga 3: Greensleeves) BURRU BANTON - Westmoreland Sensi -req COCOA TEA - There's A Herb Tree In My Garden (20 Tracks of Cocoa Tea: Sonic Sounds) chat pon riddim: LITTLE ROY's Columbus Ship

More Fire 5 – September 2001

“photos from More Fire #5, September 2001 at Deep 11.”

From More Fire 5 – September 2001. Posted by Chant Down Sound on 6/13/2014 (16 items)

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September 22, 2001

Highlights included a 10 minute interview with the Mad Professor... a Chant Down sound session with Ras Crucial mixing it up and Damajah and Rambler riding the mic... and the new Sizzla album on Greensleeves. SUGAR MINOTT - Hotta Claps (Sweet Beat 7") BIG YOUTH - Whole Lot A Fire (Microphone Attack: Blood & Fire) I ROY - Step On The Dragon (Microphone Attack: Blood & Fire) -req DILLINGER - War Is Not The Answer (Gangster Prankster Rasta: Music Club) KEN BOOTHE - You're No Good (Roots of Reggae vol 2: Master Song) KING TUBBY - King Tubby's Good Time Dub (King Dub: Nascente) PRINCE JAMMY - Unity Dub (Africa Must Be Free By 1983 Dub: Greensleeves) -req PRINCE LINCOLN & THE ROYAL RASSES - Unite The World (Unite The World) IJAHMAN - I Want To Be Free (Roots of Love: Tree Roots) LUCKY DUBE - Soul Taker (Soul Taker: Gallo) FRANKIE PAUL - Lay My Head (Roots of Reggae vol 1: Master Song) MAD PROFESSOR - rasta Chase (Dubbing You Crazy: Poptone) MAD PROFESSOR - English Connection (Dubbing You Crazy: Poptone) JACKIE MITTOO - Totally Together (The Keyboard King: Universal Sound) -req SIZZLA - Rastafari Teach I Everything (Rastafari Teach I Everything: Greensleeves) CAPLETON - Gwaan Fight Dem BOUNTY KILLER - What Have I Done Wrong (Destination Jamaica vol 2: Goldhead) ANTHONY B - Guard By Selassie AL CAMPBELL - Boom Shot (Deeper Roots: Jet Star) -req BERES HAMMOND - Mary Mary (Music Is Life: VP) -req BUNNY WAILER, MARLEY BROS, YAMI BOLO, BUJU, MORGANS - You Dont Care About Me -req

September 15, 2001

Turbulent times for the world in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the USA. Sending out love and sympathy for those suffering around the world as a result of violence and politricks, not only in the US. Highlights included the great new Al Campbell, new Dillinger and Ijahman Levi compilations thanks to MRA here in Australia, and some classic Sizzla and Capleton. BOB MARLEY & WAILERS - War/No More Trouble (Rebel Music: Island) VERSION - Gunzalis (Xterminator 7") HAILE SELASSIE I - War (Rastafari 7") BUNNY WAILER - Armageddon (Blackheart Man: Island) AUGUSTUS PABLO - Point Blank (This Is: heartbeat) LITTLE ROY - Tribal War (Tafari Earth Uprising: Pressure Sounds) JOHNNY OSBOURNE - Children Are Crying (Truths & Rights: Heartbeat) STEEL PULSE - A Who Responsible (True Democracy: Elektra) AUGUSTUS PABLO - Arabian Rock (This Is: heartbeat) DILLINGER - Judgement Day Rock (Gangster, Prankster, Rasta: Music Club) DELROY WILSON - Get Ready (Darker Than Blue: Blood & Fire) PRINCE FAR I - Frontline Speech (Health & Strength: Pressure Sounds) IJAHMAN LEVI - Jah Heavy Load (The Roots Of Love: Tree Roots) LUCKY DUBE - Teach The World (Soul Taker: Gallo/MRA) BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - So Much Trouble In The World (Survival: Island) -req PETER TOSH - Pick Myself Up (Live at my Fathers Place 1979) -req DENNIS BROWN - Tribulation (Observer 7") -req BARRINGTON LEVY - Suffer The Little Children (Money Move: Powerhouse) -req MICHAEL PROPHET - War In The City (Rootsman: Ariwa) AL CAMPBELL - Jah Is Calling (Deeper Roots: Jet Star) COCOA TEA - Sniper (Feel The Power: VP) QUEEN OMEGA, SIZZLA, CAPLETON - Warning (Green House 7") -req GARNETT SILK - Hard Nut To Crack (Mad Doc 7") BUJU BANTON - Murderer (Til Shiloh: Loose Cannon) SIZZLA - No Pain (Black History: Kalonji) SIZZLA - One Away (Black Woman & Child: Greensleeves) -req CAPLETON - Raggy Road (I Testament: Def Jam) LMS - Fire (Zion Gates: VP) -req chat pon riddim: This Is Augustus Pablo on Heartbeat

September 8, 2001

Another busy show, with almost half of the tracks played being requests... highlights included the new Blood & Fire "Darker Than Blue", and new albums from Cocoa Tea and Sizzla. LINVAL THOMPSON - Six Babylon (Jah Jah Dreader Than Dread: Majestic) MILTON HENRY - Gypsy Woman (Darker Than Blue: Blood & Fire) JUNIOR MURVIN - Super Soul (Darker Than Blue: Blood & Fire) JOHN HOLT - Let The Wicked Run Away (Tide Is High: Trojan) -req BOB MARLEY - Redemption Song (One Love: Island) -req AISHA - Give A Little Love (Rockers 7") -req AUGUSTUS PABLO - King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown (Who Say Jah No Dread: ras) -req JACOB MILLER - Baby I Love You So (Who Say Jah No Dread: ras) -req LINTON KWESI JOHNSON - Come Wi Go Dung Deh (Dread Beat & Blood: Virgin) -req O'LUGE - Hard End (The Luge Sessions: O'Luge) MAD PROFESSOR - Boombox version II (Dubtronic: Ariwa) GREGORY ISAACS - Mr Brown (Mr Isaacs: Blood & Fire) BERES HAMMOND - can't Walk Away (Penthouse 7") TONY REBEL - what you looking for (penthouse 7") COCOA TEA - i'm sorry (feel the power: xterminator) TURBULENCE - give her weh she want (xterminator 7") WAYNE WONDER & DON YUTE - Sensi Ride DELLY RANKS - Gimme the Weed (dancehall hits 2001: jamdown) SIZZLA - Bandulu (Black History: Jet Star) ANTHONY B - yard and abroad (platinum reggae 3: artists only) QUEEN OMEGA - Highest High (Green House promo) -req LOUIE CULTURE & SUGAR MINOTT - No Vaccancy (Boot Camp 7") -req SIZZLA - Upfullness (Black History: Jet Star) -req LUCIANO - Rebellious Society (Builders 7") -req MARLEY BROS, BUNNY WAILER, YAMI, BUJU, MORGANS - You Don't Care About Me -req