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December 29, 2001

Counting down the Top 25 roots singles of 2001, according to Chant Down Babylon. Strictly 7" format... not strictly from yard, but still 25 out of 25! Please note that no riddim was duplicated, meaning that some brilliant songs have missed out on a place, simply because there was an even better song also on the riddim. This made for some tough choices, and tunes picked were usually those that struck a personal chord, or had big impact in the dance with Chant Down sound. 1 DAMIEN MARLEY - More Justice (Ghetto Youths) 2 CAPLETON - Time (Lion and Roots) 3 JR KELLY - Push E Fire (Trenchtown) 4 BERES HAMMOND - Rock Away (Harmony House) 5 JAH MASON - Now and Forever (Treasure Chest) 6 VC - By His Deeds (Dig Dis) 7 BERES HAMMOND - La La La (Safire) 8 JAH CURE - Western Region (Harmony House) 9 ANTHONY B - Stop Curfew (Reggae Central) 10 HALF PINT - Can't Control Me (Mr Luxury) 11 CHRISINTI - Say Jah (Calibud) 12 TONY REBEL & MARCIA GRIFFITHS - Forever Loving Jah (Penthouse) 13 LUCIANO - Gideon (Black Scorpio) 14 BUSHMAN - Bush Doctor (Jam Pac) 15 JUNIOR KELLY - Word Power (Love Promotion) 16 UTON GREEN - Most Wanted (Nuclear) 17 YAMI BOLO - Babylon Burning (321 Strong) 18 GEORGE NOOKS - Face of an Angel (Gurr) 19 CAPLETON - I&I Chant (African Star) 20 BURRU BANTON - Settle Yourself (Massive B) 21 SIZZLA - Taking Over (Xterminator) 22 LUCIANO - Land Out Yonder (Kings of Kings) 23 RICHIE STEPHENS & BOUNTY KILLER - Outcry (Pot of Gold) 24 CAPLETON & LITTLE CAPES - What You Gonna Do? (Kickin) 25 COCOA T - Cycle (Boot Camp) (forward ever, backward never, aired from the start at 25...)

December 22, 2001

Highlights include a massive interview with Beres Hammond, one of my all time favourites... and a look at the best albums of 2001, both reissue/revive and contemporary. BERES HAMMOND - Another Day In The System (In Control: Elektra) ABYSSINIANS - I & I (Satta Massagana: Heartbeat) ABYSSINIANS - I & I Version (Satta Dub: Tabou 1) RAS SHILOH - Set Him Free --req GARNETT SILK - Judge Not --req ELEPHANT MAN - The Bombing (King of Kings 7") --req BERES HAMMOND - Giving Thanks BERES HAMMOND - Rock Away (Harmony House 7") BERES HAMMOND - La La La (Safire 7") TOP 5 REVIVE/REISSUE ALBUMS OF 2001: 5. BERES HAMMOND & FRIENDS - And Friends (ERC) 4. VARIOUS ARTISTS - Microphone Attack (Blood and Fire) 3. VARIOUS ARTISTS - Darker Than Blue (Blood and Fire) 2. AFRICAN BROTHERS - Want Some Freedom (Easy Star) 1. BURNING SPEAR - Spear Burning (Pressure Sounds) TOP 5 NEW ALBUMS OF 2001: 5. SIZZLA, LUCIANO, ANTHONY B, YAMI BOLO - 4 Rebels (VP) 4. VARIOUS ARTISTS - Universal Message II (VP) 3. DAVID HOUSE - Kings and Warriors School (Lion and Roots) 2. YAMI BOLO - Healing of the Nations (Roots Foundation) 1. BERES HAMMOND - Music Is Life (VP)

December 15, 2001

Open Week at PBS-FM, to celebrate the new studios in Collingwood... featuring very special guests, Bomba, playing live to air for the studio audience... pure niceness! Also featuring a guest set from Ras Crucial, including brand new killers on Safire's Babatunde cut, and a rapid steppers recut of the Drifter riddim on Pot of Gold. LOCKSLEY CASTELL - Babylon World (Rockers 7") DUB SPECIALIST - Stars (17 Dub Shots: Heartbeat) BURNING SPEAR - Down By The Riverside (Burning Spear: Studio 1) JENNIFER LARA - Consider Me (Feel Like Jumping: Heartbeat) MIGHTY DIAMONDS - Have Mercy (Right Time: Virgin Frontline) U ROY - Merciful Dub (Right Time Rockers: Sound System) HEPTONES - Love Won't Come Easy (Night Food: Island) BLACK UHURU - Leaving To Zion (Showcase: Island) SIZZLA - Hard Ground (Black Woman and Child: Greensleeves) BERES HAMMOND - Rock Away (Music Is Life: VP) LOUIE CULTURE - Main Focus (Brickwall 7") BOUNTY KILLER & RICHIE STEPHENS - Outcry (Pot of Gold 7") JAH CURE - Dung In Deh (Harmony House 7") MR STEVE - Hail Haile Selassie (Safire 7") BUSHMAN - One Way (Safire 7") TONY REBEL - Highly High (Pot of Gold 7") WAYNE MARSHALL - Perilous Time (Pot of Gold 7") VERSION - Drifter (Pot of Gold 7") JR KELLY - Push E Fire (Trenchtown 7") NATURAL BLACK - Hoping and Praying (Trenchtown 7") LISA DAINJAH - Natty Next Door (Trenchtown 7") CHAT PON RIDDIM: Dub Specialist - 17 Dub Shots from Studio One (Heartbeat)

December 8, 2001

Well Red! Highlights included a sweet burst of Beres, new singles on Saba's Prosperity label, and a nice guest selection from Ras Crucial... RAS ITES - Live Consciously (Urban Regeneration: Jet Star) TENOR SAW - Surely Dub (Fever) GREGORY ISAACS - My Only Lover (The Prime of Gregory: Music Club) ROLAND ALPHONSO - Jah Shakey (Something Special: Heartbeat) KEN BOOTHE - You're No Good (A Man And His Hits: Heartbeat) BOMBA - Aston Is The Man (unreleased) BUNNY WAILER - Armageddon Time (Blackheart Man: Island) SWEENY & WAILERS BAND - Won't Come Easy (17 Nth Parade: Pressure Sounds) MARCIA GRIFFITHS - Let Them Say (Rock My Soul: Serengeti) JUDY MOWATT - Concrete Jungle (Black Woman) VIVIAN JACKSON & THE PROPHETS - Anti-Christ (Jesus Dread: Blood & Fire) BURNING SPEAR - Rasta Business (Rasta Business: Heartbeat) ALTON ELLIS - I'm Still In Love (I'm Still In Love: Trojan) BERES HAMMOND - Can't Stop A Man (Love From A Distance: VP) BERES HAMMOND - Gonna Shine Again (Music Is Life: vP) BERES HAMMOND - Kids Play (Collectors Series: Penthouse) ADMIRAL TIBET - Getting Stronger (Prosperity 7") CAPLETON & SABA - Light A Fire (Prosperity 7") TURBO BELLY - True Inspiration SISTER CAROL - Jah Disciple (Jah Disciple) HUGH GRIFFITHS - Lovers Rock (All That Jazzbo) PAD ANTHONY - This Feeling (Waterhouse Revisted 2) SHERIFF LINDO - Yout Dem A Suffer (Dub For The Masses 2: Creative Vibes) SIZZLA - Bandulu (Black History: VP) GEORGE NOOKS - Joy and Pain (Mixing Lab 7") DENNIS BROWN - Changing Times (Money In My Pocket: Trojan) BARRY BROWN - Jah Jah Lead Us (Sings Roots and Culture) CULTURE - Black Star Liner Come (Two Sevens Clash: Shanachie)

December 1, 2001

The first Chant Down Babylon from the new PBS studios in Collingwood... BURNING SPEAR - Door Peep (Burning Spear: Studio 1) LINVAL THOMPSON & KING TUBBYS - She's Got You (Inna Reggae Style Dub) JIMMY CLIFF - You Can Get It If You Really Want (The Harder They Come: Island) -req DR ALIMANTADO - Unitone Skank (Best Dressed Chicken In Town: Greensleeves) -req GREGORY ISAACS - My Religion (The Prime of Gregory: Music Club) BIG YOUTH - 6 Dead, 19 Gone A Jail (Microphone Attack: Blood & Fire) RAS MICHAEL & SONS OF NEGUS - Truth and Right (Rastafari: VP) -req TWINKLE BROTHERS - Barabas (Rasta Pon Top: Twinkle) MATUMBI - Ethiopians (Testify) ASWAD - Love Fire (Live and Direct: Island) -req BLUE RIDDIM BAND - Feeling Soul (Alive in Jamaica) BUNNY WAILER - Scheme of Things (Protest: Island) STEVEN WRIGHT - Vision of Jah (International Change) MARTIN CAMPBELL - Wicked Rule (The Dream Is Over) CHARLIE CHAPLIN - Foriegn Man Skank (Strictly Rub-a-dub) -req GLEN WASHINGTON - Serious Man (Hi Power 7") -req SWADE & TONY REBEL - Just Friends (Techniques 7") SIZZLA - Ghetto Youths (Liberate Yourself: Reggae1Luv) SPECTACULAR - What A Bloodbath BOUNTY KILLER - Mama (Capleton & Friends: African Star) -req JR KELLY - Gideon Red (Three Wise Men II) TURBULENCE & LMS - Rising (Rising: VP) JAH MASON - Love From A Distance (Immortal Reggae 7") VERSION - Hanging Slowly (Harmony House 7") JAH CURE - Hanging Slowly (Harmony House 7") KING EVERALL - Automatic (Firehouse Revolution: Pressure Sounds) -req COCOA TEA - Rastaman (Israel's King: VP)

November 24, 2001

AL CAMPBELL - Babylon Freeze (Deeper Roots: Jet Star) HEPTONES - Get In The Groove (Sea of Love: Heartbeat) HEPTONES - Learn (Sea of Love: Heartbeat) JOHN HOLT - Up Park Camp (Tide is High: Trojan) I-ROY - Camp Road Skanking (Microphone Attack: Blood & Fire) CORNELL CAMPBELL - 100lbs of Collie (Silver Jubilee: Rhino) AL CAMPBELL - Jah Love (Roots and Culture: Jet Star) BOB MARLEY & WAILERS BAND - War / No More Trouble (Rebel Music: Island) -req ALPHA BLONDY - Jah Glory (Paris Bercy: Shanachie) -req THIRD WORLD - African Woman (Third World Live: Tabou 1) -req UB40 - Burden of Shame (Signing Off: Virgin) -req BOB MARLEY - Jungle Fever -req ANTHONY B - Rolling Down The Street (Reggae Vibes 7") -req SIZZLA - Mother of Nations (Hey Punk Get Riddim: Victory World) ANTHONY B - Stop Curfew (Reggae Central 7") VERSION - Promised Land (Reggae Central 7") JAH MASON - High Grade (Reggae Central 7") SLUGGY - Lightning & Thunder (Natty Chase The Barber: Barry U) MICHIGAN - Militant Profile (Natty Chase The Barber: Barry U) VERSION - Bitter Blood (Studio 2000 7") MERCILESS - Cook War (Studio 2000 7") CAPLETON - Stay Far From Trouble (Studio 2000 7") -req BURRU BANTON - One For The Money (Studio 2000 7") VERSION - Queen Majesty / Paradise (Finatic 7") CAPLETON - Cherish No Wrong (Finatic 7") LUCIANO - Dreams of Paradise (Finatic 7") MILITARY MAN - Love Rasta (Finatic 7") BARRINGTON LEVY - A Yah We Deh (Bounty Hunter: Volcano) -req QUEEN OMEGA - Highest High (Green House pre-release) -req TURBULENCE & LION - I Don't Know (Rising: VP) chat pon riddim: "Black Foundation Dub" by Gussie Clarke on Motion

November 17, 2001

ROMAN STEWART - Babylon LINTON KWESI JOHNSON - Funny Dub (Independant Intavenshun: Island) THE CONGOS - Bring The Mackaback (Heart of the Congos: Blood & Fire) --req BOB MARLEY - Pimpers Paradise (Uprising: Tuff Gong) --req PETER TOSH - Jah Guide (Equal Rights: Columbia) HUGH MUNDELL - My Mind (Africa Must Be Free: ras) --req AUGUSTUS CLARKE - Black Foundation (Black Foundation Dub: Motion) KEN BOOTHE - It Is Because I'm Black? (Darker Than Blue: Blood & Fire) PETER TOSH - Legalize It (Legalize It: Columbia) --req BURNING JUNIOR - On That Day (Spear Burning: Pressure Sounds) SISTER ASHER - Africa Calling (Message From Africa: Jah Shaka) COCOA TEA & CHARLIE CHAPLIN - Heads of Government (Tune In) BBQARIANS - Howards Apology (Sorry Cos Its Not Our Land) THIRD WORLD - Lagos Jump (Reggae Ambassadors: Island) DAMIEN MARLEY - Paradise Child (Halfway Tree: Motown) JR KELLY - Boom Draw (Love So Nice: VP) --req BLACK UHURU - Fit You Haffe Fit (Hey Punk, Get Riddim: Victory World) BARRINGTON LEVY - Murderer (Grade One 7") --req BARRINGTON & CAPLETON - Boost No War (remix) --req CAPLETON - Boost No War (Rodigan special) TURBULENCE - Facts of Life (Rising: VP) AL CAMPBELL - Zion Is Calling (Deeper Roots: Jet Star) LUCIANO - Oh Father I Love Thee (A New Day: VP) MIKEY SPICE - Never Get Me Down (Stingray 7") --req chat pon riddim: "Independant Intavenshun" by Linton Kwesi Johnson on Island

November 10, 2001

Featuring a studio interview with local artist Nicky Bomba... and a special guest roots set from Ras Crucial. MEDITATIONS - Babylon Trap Them (Message To The Mediations) IMPACT ALL STARS - Jaro (Forward The Bass: Blood & Fire) AUGUSTUS CLARKE - Rocking Vibration (Black Foundation Dub: Motion) THE CABLES - Baby Why (What Kind of World: Heartbeat) BOMBA - Run For Cover (unreleased) BOMBA - Speed of Sound (unreleased) BOMBA - Balance I (unreleased) ERIC DONALDSON - Freedom Street (Juan De Bolas) PABLO MOSES - Corrupted Man (I Love I Bring) UB40 - Tyler (Singing Off: Virgin) LINTON KWESI JOHNSON - Reggae Sounds (Bass Culture) THIRD WORLD - 1865 (96 Degrees In The Shade: Island) LARRY MALUMA - Come With Me (Roots and Herbs: Safari) BERES HAMMOND - Fight To Defend It (Culture Vibes: ras) SANCHEZ - Babylon Wall (Perilous Time: Artists Only) JAHMALI - Politics (El Shaddai: Penthouse) COCOA TEA - L.O.V.E. (Feel The Power: VP) SIZZLA - Lovely Life (2 Strong: Star Trail) EVERTON BLENDER - Coming Harder (Piece of the Blender: Star Trail) VEGAS & ELEPHANT MAN - Bun It (Damn Right: Greensleeves) DAMIEN MARLEY - Give Dem Some Way (Halfway Tree: Motown) MICHAEL ROSE - Bull In The Pen / Happiness (Party In Session live: Heartbeat) ANTHONY RED ROSE & KING KONG - Two Big Bull Inna One Pen (Firehouse Revolution: Pressure Sounds) RANKING TREVOR - Whip Them Jah (Microphone Attack: Blood & Fire) chat pon riddim: "Forward The Bass" by the Impact All Stars on Blood & Fire