Playlist: February 17, 2018

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 17th February 2018

Featuring an interview with Chronixx ahead of his upcoming Melbourne show, the full run of songs on Monkey Marc’s new riddim “Yaad N Abraad”, the Straight Step riddim from Warrior Musick, and new music from Koffee and Torch.

LUTAN FYAH – Chant Down Babylon (Straight Step riddim: Warrior Musick)
RC – Starting Up A Fire (Straight Step riddim: Warrior Musick)
CHUCK FENDER – No Devil (Straight Step riddim: Warrior Musick)
SIR FORD & CAPLETON – The World Today (Straight Step riddim: Warrior Musick)
WARRIOR KING – Nuh Fraid (Straight Step riddim: Warrior Musick)
TURBULENCE – Where Is (Straight Step riddim: Warrior Musick)
BUSY SIGNAL – Rise Again (Straight Step riddim: Warrior Musick)
FANTAN MOJAH – Let Us Live (Straight Step riddim: Warrior Musick)
WAILING SOULS – Jah Jah Give Us Life To Live (Channel One)
STEEL PULSE – Makka Splaff, Drugs Squad, Handsworth Revolution (Rastafari Centennial: Live In Paris: MCA)
BARRINGTON LEVY – Little Children (TRS Records)
MARCIA GRIFFITHS – Survival (High Note)
CULTURE – Natty Never Get Weary (High Note)
CULTURE – Citizen As A Peaceful Dub (High Note)
CULTURE – The International Herb (High Note)
RAS MIDAS – Jah Jah Same Love (Harry J)
THE MAN EZEKE – Rasta Man A Come (Ja-Disc)
CHRONIXX & CAPLETON – Help The Weak (Zincfence Records)
CHRONIXX & CHRONICLE – Big Bad Sound (Chronology: Soul Circle Music)
CHRONIXX – Spanish Town Rocking (Chronixx Music)
< interview with Chronixx >
CHRONIXX – Start A Fyah (Game Theory riddim: Jungle Josh)
< interview with Chronixx >
CHRONIXX – Here Comes Trouble (Rootsman riddim: Overstand Entertainment)
CHRONIXX – Di Youth Dem (Start A Fyah mixtape)
CHRONIXX – Most I (Scriptures riddim: Don Corleon)
CHRONIXX – Capture Land (Dread & Terrible: Chronixx Music)
KRANIUM – Draw Me Out (Rumours: Atlantic)
KOFFEE – Raggamuffin (Frankie Music)
DRE ISLAND – Yaad N Abraad (Yard N Abraad riddim: Monkey Marc)
5 STAR – Cold City (Yard N Abraad riddim: Monkey Marc)
EARTH AND THE FULLNESS – Living In The Joy (Yard N Abraad riddim: Monkey Marc)
IBA MAHR – Come Out (Yard N Abraad riddim: Monkey Marc)
TORCH – 10k Lions (Fire and Light: Evaburningflame)

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