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June 16, 2018

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 16th June 2018

Featuring the Fire Avenue riddim from Young Veterans, the Wizzle riddim from TJ Records, some local productions, and the usual classics.

HIKALIBA – Rastafari Yes (Fire Avenue riddim: Young Veterans)
KANDIMAN & RAS SHILOH – Babylon Yard (Fire Avenue riddim: Young Veterans)
PRESSURE – Nah Stop (Fire Avenue riddim: Young Veterans)
CAPLETON – Rasta Run This (Fire Avenue riddim: Young Veterans)
FYAKIN – Jah Love (Fire Avenue riddim: Young Veterans)
LUCIANO – How Can I (Fire Avenue riddim: Young Veterans)
GINJAH – Many Mountains (Fire Avenue riddim: Young Veterans)
SHUGA – Real Love (Fire Avenue riddim: Young Veterans)
QRAIG – If Yuh Nuh Love Me Gwan (Fire Avenue riddim: Young Veterans)
ZAMUNDA – Africa We Deh Yah (Fire Avenue riddim: Young Veterans)
ANTHONY B – Jamaica Land (Fire Avenue riddim: Young Veterans)
FANTAN MOJAH – No Time For Them (Fire Avenue riddim: Young Veterans)
EARL ZERO – None Shall Escape The Judgement (Epiphany)
THE LOVE JOYS – Studio Man (Reggae Vibes: Wackies)
THE LOVE JOYS – Stranger Get Up (Reggae Vibes: Wackies)
JUNIOR BYLES – False Leader (Micron)
DENNIS BROWN – Life Goes In Circles (Grounation) –request
LLOYD PARKS & WE THE PEOPLE – I Want To Go Home (Meet The People: Parks)
LLOYD PARKS & WE THE PEOPLE – Ordinary Man (Meet The People: Parks)
IMPACT ALL STARS – Ordinary Version Chapter 3 (Impact)
ASHER & TRIMBLE – Humble Yourself (Rockers)
BARRY BROWN – Release The Chain (Rockers)
BARRY BROWN – Physical Fitness (Flabba)
LUCKY DUBE – Crime and Corruption (The Way It Is: Shanachie) –request
THE STRIDES – F.K.D. (Reclamation: Earshift Records)
LUKE YEOWARD – Half Way (Ghosts: Luke Yeoward)
KATCHAFIRE – Love Today (Legacy: Lion House Music)
KID NESSIAN & CHI CHI CHING – Lalomu (CHM Supersound)
YAMI J – Monica (Hype Dreams Records)
SK SIMEON – Natural (Jahlix)
DEEP JAHI – Don (Ghetto Rock riddim: TJ Records)
VYBZ KARTEL & KY-MANI MARLEY – Cool and Deadly (Ghetto Rock riddim: TJ Records)
JAH CURE – Jah Leads The Way (Wizzle riddim: TJ Records)
ROMAIN VIRGO – The Prayer (Wizzle riddim: TJ Records)
CHRISTOPHER MARTIN – Love Triangle (Wizzle riddim: TJ Records)
JESSE ROYAL & CHARLY BLACK – Herbalist Party (Wizzle riddim: TJ Records)
KONSHENS – Every Hustler (Wizzle riddim: TJ Records)
AGENT SASCO – Full Up A Style (Wizzle riddim: TJ Records)
SOOM T – 31st Century Song (Scotch Bonnet) 2014
NARAM – Aggro riddim (Scotch Bonnet & Naram)
DRE ISLAND – Yaad N Abraad (Yaad N Abraad riddim: Monkey Marc)
MONKEY MARC – Yaad N Abraad riddim (Yaad N Abraad riddim: Monkey Marc)
IBA MAHR – Come Out (Yaad N Abraad riddim: Monkey Marc)

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June 9, 2018

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 9th June 2018

Featuring new riddims “In My Brain” from Kickin and “Hold On To Your Rootz” by Larger Than Life, new albums from Katchafire and Arkaingelle, and new tunes from Kabaka Pyamid and Beres Hammond.

ARKAINGELLE – Down Dey (…And Behold: Aingelles Muzik)
AKAE BEKA – Peak Tension Time Dub (Kings Dub: I Grade & Andrew Bassie)
ARKAINGELLE – Wha Dem A Guh Do (…And Behold: Aingelles Muzik)
ARKAINGELLE – Fussin N Fightin (…And Behold: Aingelles Muzik) Guyana
PABLO MOSES – I Man A Grasshopper (Revolutionary Dream: Klik)
IJAHMAN LEVI – I’m A Levi (Haile I Hymn: Mango)
THE ABYSSINIANS – Know Jah Dub (Satta Dub: Tabou 1)
THE ABYSSINIANS – Satta Massagana (Satta Massagana: Heartbeat)
RAS MICHAEL & THE SONS OF NEGUS – None A Jah Jah Children No Cry (Starapple)
JUDY MOWATT – Black Woman (Black Woman: Island)
RANKING TREVOR – Love Life and Unity (In Fine Style: Front Line) –request
RANKING TREVOR – Penny A Look (Channel One) –request
THE ACETONES – Double Black (More Ace!)
KATCHAFIRE – I Can Feel It A Lot (Legacy: Lion House Music)
KATCHAFIRE – Fyah In The Trenches (Legacy: Lion House Music)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Reggae Music (Kontraband: Bebble Rock & Ghetto Youths Music)
BOBBY HUSTLE – Reggae Party (Wicked Vybz)
FUZE – Real Jamaican (CEO: Hibiscus Way Productions)
ANTHONY B – Hold On To Your Rootz (Hold On To Your Rootz riddim: Larger Than Life)
CALI P – Keep It Real (Hold On To Your Rootz riddim: Larger Than Life)
LUTAN FYAH – Final Dayz (Hold On To Your Rootz riddim: Larger Than Life)
KING MAS – Relative (Hold On To Your Rootz riddim: Larger Than Life)
NESBETH – Nirvana (Hold On To Your Rootz riddim: Larger Than Life)
ROCKAZ ELEMENT – When It Hits (In My Brain riddim: Kickin)
GINJAH – Trouble In Paradise (In My Brain riddim: Kickin)
CAPLETON – Draw Your Bow (In My Brain riddim: Kickin)
RICHIE SPICE & CHRONIXX – Unity We Need (In My Brain riddim: Kickin)
BERES HAMMOND – I’m Alive (VP Records)
GOVANA & JADA KINGDOM – Better Than That (EMudio Records)

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June 2, 2018

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 2nd June 2018

Featuring the new Kabaka Pyramid album “Kontraband”, plus the usual vintage classics, some new songs in a vintage style, new music from Black Am I and Naomi Cowan, and a short spotlight on dancehall artist Shane O.

RAS MICHAEL & THE SONS OF NEGUS – Keep Cool Babylon (Nyahbinghi: Starapple)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Nah Skin Up (Truths and Rights: Studio One) –request
PHONOSONICS – Dark Haired Lady (Phonosonics)
THE ACETONES – Rolling Like A Trojan (More Ace!)
THE FRIGHTNRS – Looking For My Love (Nothing More To Say: Daptone)
THE CLARENDONIANS – I’m Sorry (Caltone) –request
HARRY J ALLSTARS – Liquidator (Harry J) –request
ALTON ELLIS – Girl I’ve Got A Date (Treasure Isle)
LITTLE ROY – Buff and Peng (Rich and Poor) (Prophesy: Tafari)
LION YOUTH – Easy Skanking (Love Comes and Goes: Virgo Stomach)
LION YOUTH – Chant Ina Dance (Love Comes and Goes: Virgo Stomach)
GREGORY ISAACS – Storm (Mr Isaacs: Cash and Carry)
BARRINGTON LEVY – Jah A The Creator Version (TRS Records)
BARRINGTON LEVY – This Place Is Too Dark (Jah Guidance)
BARRINGTON LEVY – Shaolin Temple (Jah Guidance)
NAOMI COWAN – Paradise Plum (VPal)
JAH9 – Gratitude (New Name: Rorystonelove)
BLACK AM I – Wants and Needs (Ghetto Youths International)
KABAKA PYRAMID & PRESSURE BUSSPIPE – Make Way (Kontraband: Bebble Rock & Ghetto Youths International)
KABAKA PYRAMID & PROTOJE – Everywhere I Go (Kontraband: Bebble Rock & Ghetto Youths International)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Meaning Of Life (Kontraband: Bebble Rock & Ghetto Youths International)
KABAKA PYRAMID & DAMIAN JR GONG MARLEY – Kontraband (Kontraband: Bebble Rock & Ghetto Youths International)
KABAKA PYRAMID & CHRONIXX – Blessed Is The Man (Kontraband: Bebble Rock & Ghetto Youths International)
SHANE O – Keep Yuh Hail (Big Zim Records)
SHANE O – Take It Tell Me (Countree Hype Entertainment)
SHANE O – Partner Draw (Full Chaarge)
SHANE O – Mill Fi Share (Kswizz)
BEENIE MAN – Party Good (Party Party riddim: Young Blood) –request

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May 26, 2018

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 26th May 2018

The annual PBS Radio Festival – asking listeners to take become members and helping keep the station on air for another year. The theme for this year is food; celebrating the musical feast that PBS serves up every week.

THE CHANTELLS – Natty Supper (Children of Jah: Phase One/Blood and Fire)
LOPEZ WALKER – Jah Jah New Garden (Children of Jah: Phase One/Blood and Fire)
THE HEPTONES – Garden of Life (Black Art)
AUGUSTUS PABLO – Up Warika Hill (Rockers)
THE CONGOS – At The Feast (Black Art)
JAH BULL & HORACE ANDY – Ital Vital (Marcus)
U ROY – Ital Vital (Channel One)
GREGORY ISAACS – Word Of The Farmer (Virgin)
DR ALIMANTADO – Poison Flour
EDI FITZROY – Work On Mr Farmer (Musical Ambassador)
MIDNITE & I GRADE – Shout That (Nemozian Rasta: I Grade)
ANTHONY B – Raid The Barn (Star Trail)
SIZZLA – Holding Firm (Star Trail)
BUSHMAN – Hungry Days (Overstand)
JUNIOR KELLY – Hungry Days (Front Page)
TURBULENCE – Ital Stew (Tads)
LUCIANO – Gringo Vibes Dubplate Special
QUEEN IFRICA – Pot Still Haffi Bubble (Creative Noize)
SHUGA – Onward (Silly Walks)
KOFFEE – Raggamuffin (Frankie Music)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – No Ice Cream Sound (Chant Down dubplate special)
TARRUS RILEY – Hungry Sound (Chant Down dubplate special)

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May 19, 2018

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 19th May 2018

The annual PBS Radio Festival – asking listeners to take become members and helping keep the station on air for another year. The theme for this year is food; celebrating the musical feast that PBS serves up every week. Plus brand new music from Chronixx, Protoje and Alborosie.

DENNIS BROWN – Milk and Honey (Vision: Joe Gibbs)
WILLI WILLIAMS – Give Me Bread (M10)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Them Belly Full (Natty Dread: Island)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Belly Full Version (Tuff Gong)
MISTY IN ROOTS – Food Clothes and Shelfter (Musi-O-Tunya: People Unite)
UB40 – Food For Thought (Signing Off: Graduate Records)
ROMAN STEWART – Rice and Peas (Rockers)
THE GLADIATORS – Bellyfull (Trenchtown Mixup: Virgin)
OWEN GRAY – Give The Children Food
CORNEL CAMPBELL – Free Meal Ticket
LEE SCRATCH PERRY – Roast Fish and Cornbread (Black Art)
I ROY – Sky Juice and Festival Dumpling (Channel One)
ROMAIN VIRGO – Food Fi The Plate (VP)
CHRONIXX – Plant It (Special Delivery)
ANTHONY B – Watch Weh Yu Eat (Fat Eyes)
BUSHMAN – Fire Pon A Deadas (Jammys)
FIKIR AMLAK – I Garden (One Drop Music)
JAH9 – Avocado (Rorystonelove)
KOFFEE – Burning (Upsetta Records)
PROTOJE & CHRONIXX – No Guarantee (In.Digg.Nation Collective)
ALBOROSIE & CHRONIXX – Contradiction (Unbreakable: Shengen Ent)
MONKEY MARC – Yaad N Abraad riddim (Monkey Marc)
POPCAAN – Food Haffi Run (CR203)

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May 5, 2018

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 5th May 2018

Featuring new riddims High Rise from Synthdicate and Forward from Special Delivery, plus new Samory I, and nuff more.

BUDDHA COUNCIL – Burn Babylon (True Love: Roots Musician Records)
MUSICAL INTIMIDATORS – Sensimelia Version (Trojan Dub Rarities: Trojan)
THE MELODIANS – Last Train To Ecstasy (Treasure Isle)
THE TENNORS – Cleopatra (Randy’s)
HEMSLEY MORRIS – Stay Loose (Clandisc)
MARICA GRIFFITHS – Mark My Word (Studio One)
JOE SMITH – I’m So Proud (Blue Cat)
LYNN TAIT & THE JETS – Napoleon Solo (Federal)
HORACE ANDY & THE SUNSHOT BAND – Get Wise Dub (Sunshot) –request
KING TUBBY & HORACE ANDY – Guidance Dub (Justice) –request
KING TUBBY & GLEN BROWN – Father For The Living Dubwise (Pantomine) –request
KING TUBBY & GLEN BROWN – Termination Dub (Pantomine) –request
THE VALENTINES – Guns Fever (High Note) –request
PHYLLIS DILLON – Don’t Stay Away (Treasure Isle)
LUCIANO – Running For My Life (Cousins)
LEROY MAFIA – Brag and Boast (Cousins)
BOBBY SOUL – God Is Love (Roots Man)
BOBBY SOUL – Message From The Congo (Roots Man)
KEN BOOTHE – Is It Because I’m Black (Splash)
JAH THUNDER – Joy (High Rise riddim: Synthdicate)
CAPLETON – Won’t Go Down (High Rise riddim: Synthdicate)
ISASHA – Nah Take Defeat (High Rise riddim: Synthdicate)
BUGLE – Born A Winner (High Rise riddim: Synthdicate)
NELLO PLAYER – Free As The Bird (High Rise riddim: Synthdicate)
DENISE BELFON – Black Woman (High Rise riddim: Synthdicate)
ELJAI – War (High Rise riddim: Synthdicate)
PRESSURE BUSSPIPE – What They Sow (High Rise riddim: Synthdicate)
FANTAN MOJAH – Rat Race (High Rise riddim: Synthdicate)
SAMORY I – Call On Jah (Evidence Music)
GROUNDATION – Glory To The Kings (Young Tree: Young Tree) –request
MO KALAMITY & SLY AND ROBBIE – Throw Down Your Guns (One Love Vibration: Sofia Thea Records)
ROBERT DALLAS – Bearer Of Bad News (Med Tone)
AL CAMPBELL – Murder (Road Block: Jet Star)
MIKEY SPICE – Keep Jah Close (Jet Star)
PRINCE MALACHI – So Wrong (Jet Star)
RAFEELYA – Coming Of The Father (Life and Times: Stingray)
FARI DIFUTURE – Jungle Out There (Forward riddim: Special Delivery)
ETANA – Africa (Forward riddim: Special Delivery)
RC – Hold On (Forward riddim: Special Delivery)
GAPPY RANKS – How Long (Forward riddim: Special Delivery)
GAPPY RANKS – Long Time (Special Delivery)
AKAE BEKA – Pon A Watchlist Dub (Kings Dub: I Grade & Andrew Bassie Records)
SHANE O – Ungrateful (Jones Ave)

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April 28, 2018

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 28th April 2018

Featuring new riddims including Twilight from Maximum Sound, Love Emoji from Kheilstone, Ancient Kingdom from Reality Chant, Enchanted from Blue Lava, and Shackled from Yard 127.

LINVAL THOMPSON – Fussing and Fighting (Med Tone)
LITTLE ROY – Bongo Nyah (Matador)
LLOYD ROBINSON – Death A Come (Matador)
THE VICEROYS – Take Your Hand (Matador)
THE JESTERS – Cholera (Syndicate)
JUSTIN HINDS & THE DOMINOES – The Rainbow (Travel With Love: Nighthawk)
JUSTIN HINDS & THE DOMINOES – Book of History (Travel With Love: Nighthawk)
CORNEL CAMPBELL – The Minstrel (Attack)
CORNEL CAMPBELL – The Investigator (Jackpot) 77
GREGORY ISAACS – Material Man (Night Nurse: Island)
BLACK UHURU – Solidarity (Anthem: Island) –request
CULTURE – Two Sevens Clash (Joe Gibbs) –request
BO JANGLES – Prophecy Reveal (Joe Gibbs) –request
TALISMAN – Look What A Gwan Dub (Star Time)
ISRAEL VIBRATION – Cool and Calm (Ras)
RUDO – Freedom (Star Time)
JOE PILGRIM & THE LIGERIANS – Migrants (Step Out: Soul Nurse Records)
JOE PILGRIM & THE LIGERIANS – Migrants Dub (Step Out: Soul Nurse Records)
EXILE DI BRAVE – Equally (Ancient Kingdom riddim: Reality Chant)
INFINITE – Electric City (Ancient Kingdom riddim: Reality Chant)
KAZAM DAVIS – King of Kings (Ancient Kingdom riddim: Reality Chant)
JODIAN PANTRY – Haffi Change (Jsmall Records)
CHINEY KIKI – Liad (Jace Records)
MIKEY GENERAL – Militancy (Tewahdo: Irie Sounds International)
DAVILLE – Dirty Laundry (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
DELLY RANX – Another Place (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
ESCO – Too Many (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
HI KALIBA – Love Is On The Way (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
DI REBEL – Ms Right (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
D MAJOR – Heavenly (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
EKELA – Miss You (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
BOBBY HUSTLE – Rock With Me (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
JAY-A – Never Born Lucky (Love Emoji riddim: Kheilstone)
CHRISTOPHER MARTIN – Bun Fi Bun (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
JAH LIL – Expensive Tears (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
ETANA – Be Alright (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
DUANE STEPHENSON – Play That Song (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
SANCHEZ – Share The Memory (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
MR VEGAS – Black Princess (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
GINJAH – Bring Heaven Down (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
SHANTY B – Call Di Doctor (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
DEAN FRASER – RA Super Special (Twilight riddim: Maximum Sound)
YONICA – In Time (Enchanted riddim: Blue Lava Entertainment)
GAILSOGORGEOUS – Wha Do Dem (Frenenemy) (Enchanted riddim: Blue Lava Entertainment)
EMPRESS GOODNESS – The Purge (Enchanted riddim: Blue Lava Entertainment)
DEADLY HUNTA & JAH TUNG – Bed Of Roses (Shackled riddim: Yard 127)
ANDI-ITES – System of Destruction (Shackled riddim: Yard 127)

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April 21, 2018

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 21st April 2018

Featuring the new Romain Virgo album “Lovesick”, the new Top Shelf riddim from Walshy Fire, and catching up on the Stone and Gratitude riddims from last year.

THE ROOTS – Mash Down (Greensleeves)
THIRD WORLD – Fret Not Thyself (Journey To Addis: Island)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Crisis (Kaya: Island)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Crisis Version (Tuff Gong)
PABLO MOSES – I Love I Bring (Revolutionary Dream: Jigsaw)
IJAHMAN LEVI – Chariot Of Love (Organisation)
LEE SCRATCH PERRY – Free The Weed (Orchid) –request
AUDLEY ROLLINS – Repatriation (Mistic)
SUGAR MINOTT – Hang On Natty (Studio One)
THE HEPTONES – Get In The Groove (Studio One)
SIZZLA – Ghetto Youths Keep Away (unreleased live recording)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE – All I Have Is Love (Truths and Rights: Studio One)
HORACE ANDY – Let Your Teardrops Fall Version (Sunshot)
GREGORY ISAACS – A Few Words (African Museum)
GREGORY ISAACS – Stranger In Town (Night Nurse: Island)
ROMAIN VIRGO – Hold On (Lovesick: VP Jamaica)
ROMAIN VIRGO – Day In Day Out (Lovesick: VP Jamaica)
ROMAIN VIRGO – Cruise (Lovesick: VP Jamaica)
BERES HAMMOND – Under Pressure (Harmony House) –request
ROBERT FRENCH – Calling All Rastaman (Harmony House)
SIZZLA – Homeless (Xterminator)
KONSHENS & GENTLEMAN – Make It Play (Gratitude riddim: IrieVibrations Records)
ANTHONY B – Dem A Vampire (Gratitude riddim: IrieVibrations Records)
ALEX A-GAME – Step Inna The Place (Gratitude riddim: IrieVibrations Records)
EXCO LEVI – Yes Jah (Gratitude riddim: IrieVibrations Records)
PRINCE ALLA – Stone (Stone riddim: Weedy G Soundforce)
MELLOQUENCE – Stronger (Stone riddim: Weedy G Soundforce)
TYDAL KAMAU – Love Surprise Them (Stone riddim: Weedy G Soundforce)
JUNIOR X – While My Life Improve (Stone riddim: Weedy G Soundforce)
DEEP JAHI – Movers and Shakers (Stone riddim: Weedy G Soundforce)
FANTAN MOJAH – Far Away (Stone riddim: Weedy G Soundforce)
BURRO BANTON – Jah The Ruler (Stone riddim: Weedy G Soundforce)
THE EXPANDERS – Top Shelf (Top Shelf riddim: Walshy Fire)
COCOA TEA – Medical Marijuana (Top Shelf riddim: Walshy Fire)
TOKE – Blessed Morning (Top Shelf riddim: Walshy Fire)
BUZZROCK – We Deya (Top Shelf riddim: Walshy Fire)
FYAKIN – I and I Story (Top Shelf riddim: Walshy Fire)
QUEEN OMEGA – Roots Daughter Flex (Top Shelf riddim: Walshy Fire)

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April 14, 2018

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 14th April 2018

Featuring the Old King Cole (aka Vanity) riddim from Tads Records, new Penthouse riddim History No Mystery, Xterminator’s classic Mr Bassie riddim, and some early Chant Down dubplate specials…

BUNNY RUGS – Rootsman Sound (Chant Down dubplate special)
VERSION – Ba Ba Boom riddim (Joe Gibbs)
BARRY BROWN – Let’s Go To The Blues (Groove Masata)
AL CAMPBELL – Late Night Blues (JB Music)
BIM SHERMAN – Down In The Ghetto (Hitrun)
KING TUBBY & PRINCE ALLA – Empty Vessel Dub (Freedom Sounds)
U ROY – Control Tower (Prince Tony)
THE ROYALS – Promised Land (Pick Up The Pieces: Tamoki Wambesi)
JOHN HOLT – Up Park Camp (Channel One)
FRED LOCKS – True Rastaman (Jahlovemuzik)
BIG YOUTH – House of Dreadlocks (Tony Robinson)
THE HEPTONES, THE CONGOS, JUNIOR MURVIN – Play On Mr Music (Black Art) –request
THE HEPTONES – Garden Of Life (Black Art)
IJAHMAN LEVI – Jah Heavy Load (Lucky)
THE ABYSSINIANS – Declaration of Rights (Clinch)
THE SOUND DIMENSION – Declaration Version (Studio One)
AFRIKAN SIMBA – Declaration of Chant Down (Chant Down dubplate special)
JAH MASON – Slip and Slide (Chant Down dubplate special)
SIZZLA & JESSE JENDER – Ready Ghetto Youth (Mr Bassie riddim: Xterminator)
CHARLIE CHAPLIN & JOSEY WALES – Fire Fire (Mr Bassie riddim: Xterminator)
LUCIANO – Chant (Mr Bassie riddim: Xterminator)
BERES HAMMOND – Freedom (Mr Bassie riddim: Xterminator)
INI KAMOZE – Hill and Gully Ride (Mr Bassie riddim: Xterminator)
SIZZLA – Woman Mi Love (Mr Bassie riddim: Xterminator)
I OCTANE – Nothing Greater (History No Mystery riddim: Penthouse)
SHUGA – Nah Stop Try (History No Mystery riddim: Penthouse)
EXCO LEVI – Trouble (History No Mystery riddim: Penthouse)
RC – Trap (History No Mystery riddim: Penthouse)
ALAINE – We’ll Be Okay (History No Mystery riddim: Penthouse)
ROMAIN VIRGO – Love Me For Life (History No Mystery riddim: Penthouse)
TARRUS RILEY – Woman’s Intuition (History No Mystery riddim: Penthouse)
SUGAR MINOTT – Vanity (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
CHEZIDEK – Fool and His Money (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
BUGLE – Play Right (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
I OCTANE – Too Much Blood (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
HEZRON – Unbreakable (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
MARCIA GRIFFITHS – Smile For Me (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
JAH CURE – Cruzing (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
ETANA – Good Good Feeling (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
IBA MAHR – Plain and Straight (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
RICHIE SPICE – Play Loud (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
SHUGA – Talk About (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
ZAMUNDA – Every Sound (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
BRIGADIER JERRY – Ram Dance Master (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
DEAN FRASER – Tune In (Old King Cole riddim: Tads)
JAH VINCI – Never Too Late Jah medley (Chant Down dubplate special)

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