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February 25, 2017

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 25th February 2017

Featuring a selection of early Jamaican music ahead of the Jamaica Jump Up benefit gig for Jamaica’s Alpha Boys School, plus the Deep Love riddim from Chilla Music, the Ghetto Rock riddim from TJ Records, and nuff more.

JAH TED – Babylon Wrong (Living Music)
LLOYD & THE GROOVERS w LYNN TAIT & HIS BAND – My Heart and Soul (Caltone)
ALVA LEWIS w LYNN TAIT & HIS BAND – Return Home (Caltone)
THE VICEROYS – Send Request (Hop)
ERROL DUNKLEY – Trying To Keep Me Down (Hop)
LYNTHIA COOPER – Three Minute Man (Tropical Records)
MAX ROMEO – Wet Dream (Unity)
KEN PARKER – I Can’t Hide (Duke Records)
ROCKING HORSE – Righteous Man (Giant)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Kinky Reggae (Catch A Fire deluxe edition: Island) –request
PETER TOSH – Downpressor Man (Intel Diplo) –request
JUNIOR BYLES – The Long Way (Black Art) –request
CAPITAL LETTERS – Equalisation (The Midlands Roots Explosion vol 2: Reggae Archive Records) –request
CAPITAL LETTERS – Baggawolf (Vinyard: Greensleeves) –request
JOHNNY CLARKE – Age Is Growing (Third World) –request
JACKIE MITTOO – Sure Shots (Studio One)
CORNEL CAMPBELL – My Roots Girl (Med Tone)
U ROY – My Ethiopian Queen (Med Tone)
ILAN SMILAN – Queen Of Sheba (Med Tone)
ALPHA BOYS SCHOOL – Alpha On The Top (Mount Grove Records)
CHRONIXX – Wheel Out (Special Delivery)
CLASSICAL ESKA – Hartful (Waggyras Records & Le-gions Music)
BUGLE – Rasta Soldier (7 Times Rise riddim: Now Generation)
BUSHMAN – I Know (Deep Love riddim: Chilla Music)
NORRIS MAN – Negative Vibes (Deep Love riddim: Chilla Music)
TORCH – Love Is The Way (Deep Love riddim: Chilla Music)
LUTAN FYAH – Never Once In My Life (Deep Love riddim: Chilla Music)
NATURAL BLACK – Listen To The Voice (Deep Love riddim: Chilla Music)
ASHARIE – Zion (Deep Love riddim: Chilla Music)
TARRUS RILEY – Bless Me (Broken Hearts riddim: Don Corleon) –request
JEMERE MORGAN – Anything You Want (Transition: Dada Son)
SOPHIA SQUIRE – Love and Conflict (Sing My Heart Out riddim: Global Flex Music)
BERES HAMMOND – Queen and Lady (Penthouse) –request
VYBZ KARTEL & KYMANI MARLEY – Cool and Deadly (Ghetto Rock riddim: TJ Records)
DEEP JAHI – Don (Ghetto Rock riddim: TJ Records)
IBA MAHR – Big Machine (Notis)
AGENT SASCO – Same Way (365 riddim: Dirtworx)
LOUIE CULTURE – Good Oohy (365 riddim: Dirtworx)
QUEEN IFRICA – Lie Dem A Tell (365 riddim: Dirtworx)
BUSY SIGNAL – Affi Get The Money (365 riddim: Dirtworx)
SPICE – Indicator (Twelve 9) –request

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February 18, 2017

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 18th February 2017

Featuring new releases from Tarrus Riley, Hempress Sativa, Jemere Morgan, J Boog, and Chronixx, plus the Rumours riddim from Idler’s Corner, and the Australian radio premiere of the first single from Mista Savona’s new Jamaica/Cuba collaboration project “Havana Meets Kingston”.

UNKNOWN DJ – Fire In Babylon (Nice 1)
THE BLUE BELLS – Jah Know Version (Premier)
JACKIE EDWARDS – In The Mood (Jackpot)
DENNIS BROWN – I’m Coming Home (If You Want My Loving) (Joe Gibbs)
THE ITALS – Action (Brutal Out Deh: Nighthawk)
THE ITALS – Run Baldhead Run (Brutal Out Deh: Nighthawk)
THE GLADIATORS – Naturality (Naturality: Virgin)
THE GLADIATORS – On The Other Side (Presenting: Studio One)
ECLIPSE – Blood Fi Dem (The Midlands Roots Explosion vol 1: Reggae Archive Records)
CAPITAL LETTERS – I Will Never (The Midlands Roots Explosion vol 1: Reggae Archive Records)
TAPPA ZUKIE – Pick Up The Rockers (Klik)
I ROY – Musical Air Raid (Sunshot)
I ROY – Devil’s Brother In Law (Jackpot)
BLACKBEARD’S ALL STARS – Garvey Mead Dub (Trojan Dub Rarities: Trojan)
TRINITY – Natty Dread A No Bandooloo (TR International)
FREDDIE McGREGOR – Bandulu (Studio One)
TARRUS RILEY – Feeling Free (Island Treasure)
HEMPRESS SATIVA – Fight For Your Rights (Unconquerebel: Conquering Lion Records)
JEMERE MORGAN – Good Old Roots (Transition: Dada Son)
J BOOG – Nuh Wan Dat (Wash House Ting: Wash House)
J BOOG – Don’t Worry (Wash House Ting: Wash House)
ZIGGI RECARDO – Hard Round Yah (Oneness)
RANDY VALENTINE & SOLIS – Carnival (Havana Meets Kingston: ABC Music)
MISTA SAVONA & JULIO PARDON – Carnival Horns (Havana Meets Kingston: ABC Music)
DAMIAN & STEPHEN MARLEY – Catch A Fire (Ghetto Youths International) –request
TARRUS RILEY – Wildfire (Chant Down dubplate special)
JAH VINCI – Gwaan Home medley (Chant Down dubplate special)
J BOOG – Let’s Do It Again (Major riddim: Don Corleon) –request
TENOR YOUTHMAN – Walk With Peace (Rumours riddim: Idler’s Corner)
CARL MEEKS – Nuh Dat Easy (Rumours riddim: Idler’s Corner)
MIKEY MELODY – Let Dem Keep On (Rumours riddim: Idler’s Corner)
BLACKOUT JA – No Spread No Rumours (Rumours riddim: Idler’s Corner)
MARSHALL NEEKO – Rumours Dub (Rumours riddim: Idler’s Corner)
CHRONIXX – Likes (Soul Circle Music)

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February 11, 2017

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 11th February 2017

Paying respects to the late percussionist and singer Noel Simms, aka Scully, aka Zoot Simms. Plus an interview with local Melbourne band Shanty Town, new riddims from Oneness and Greezzly Productions, and new releases from the likes of Protoje, Hempress Sativa, Micah Shemiah, Samory I, Tanya Stephens, and Chronixx.

U ROY – Africa For The Africans (Jah Son Of Africa: Virgin Frontline)
THE ROOTS RADICS MEET THE MIGHTY REVOLUTIONARIES – Jah Golden Throne Dub (Outernational Riddim: Form)
U ROY – Jah Son Of Africa (Jah Son Of Africa: Virgin Frontline)
THE AGGROVATORS – Time Bomb Dub (Super Dub Disco Style: Jamaica Sound)
ZOOT SIMMS – Golden Pen (Blue Beat)
ZOOT SIMMS – Press Along (Blue Beat)
ZOOT SIMMS – See Them A Come (Studio One)
CLANCY & SCULLY – Mount Zion (We Want To Go Back Home)(Freedom: Trojan)
ZOOT SIMMS – Fat Girl (Jamatel)
THE AGGROVATORS – The Scientist Dub (Super Dub Disco Style: Jamaica Sound)
ZOOT SIMMS – African Challenge (Studio One)
SUGAR MINOTT – All I Want Is Jah Jah (African Girl: Black Roots)
THE ROOTS RADICS MEET THE MIGHTY REVOLUTIONARIES – Straight To Thatchers Head (Outernational Riddim: Form)
JIMMY CLIFF – Hard Road To Travel (Beverley’s) –request
SHANTY TOWN – Question My Love (Shanty Town 7″)
SHANTY TOWN – Don’t Tell Me Your Dreams (Shanty Town 7″)
HEMPRESS SATIVA – No Peace (Unconquerebel: Conquering Lion Records)
MICAH SHEMIAH & GIARK – Rude Bwoy Jamaica (Micah Shemiah + Giark)
TANYA STEPHENS – Four20 (Yeti Beats)
PROTOJE – Blood Money (Indiggnation Collective)
JAH MEGA – Conquering Lion Of Judah (Peckings Roots vol 1: Peckings)
SAMORY I – Rasta Nuh Gangster (RoryStoneLove)
META & THE CORNERSTONES – Mind Your Business (Hira: Dibyz Music) senegal
ASANTE AMEN – Not Today (Zion Bound riddim: Greezzly)
SKARRA MUCCI – Mount Zion (Zion Bound riddim: Greezzly)
RAS PENCO – He Is The Saviour (Zion Bound riddim: Greezzly)
TEACHA DEE – Lightning Earthquake and Thunder (Zion Bound riddim: Greezzly)
DON TIPPA & ADD V – Simplicity (Zion Bound riddim: Greezzly)
JAHCOUSTIX & MR BOBCAT – Roll One Spliff Again (Zion Bound riddim: Greezzly)
IBA MAHR – Get Up and Show (Better Days riddim: Oneness)
CHEZIDEK – Journey (Better Days riddim: Oneness)
NAPTALI – Last Days (Better Days riddim: Oneness)
PRESSURE – Goodness (Better Days riddim: Oneness)
TREESHA & SKARRA MUCCI – Love You Like 123 (Better Days riddim: Oneness)
CHRONIXX – Likes (Chronology: Chronixx Music)

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February 4, 2017

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 4th February 2017

Paying respect to the late singer Ronnie Davis, and the late trombonist Nambo Robinson, plus a chat with UK artist YT and Melbourne producer Monkey Marc.

RONNIE DAVIS – No Weak Heart (Iyahcoustic: Skinny Bwoy Records)
VERSION – Vanity riddim (Studio One)
THE TENNORS – Hope Village (Duke Reid)
THE TENNORS – Weather Report (Treasure Isle)
RONNIE DAVIS – Run Come (MM Records)
RONNIE DAVIS – Peace and Love (On Top)
RONNIE DAVIS – Won’t You Come Home (Spiderman)
THE ITALS – Ina Dis Ya Time (Spiderman)
RONNIE DAVIS – No One (Spiderman)
RONNIE DAVIS – Hard Times (Hard Times: Third World) for Dale
RONNIE DAVIS – My World (Striker Lee)
RONNIE DAVIS – Too Much Religion (Too Much Iron In The Fire: Trojan)
RONNIE DAVIS – Go Down A Di Dance (Wheel Of Life: Upstairs Music)
RONNIE DAVIS – Swinging My Love (Iyahcoustic: Skinny Bwoy Records)
TARRUS RILEY – System Set (Mecoustic: Soulbeats Records)
SLY & ROBBIE – Taxi riddim (Taxi)
DEAN FRASER & NAMBO ROBINSON – Idi Amin (Emmanuel Music)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Trench Town (Confrontation: Island)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Wake Up and Live (Survival: Island)
CEDRIC IM BROOKS & THE LIGHT OF SABA – Lambs Bread Collie (The Light Of Saba: Honest Jons)
THE TAMLINS – Baltimore (Taxi)
BITTY McLEAN – Let Them Talk (Taxi)
YT – Forward To Life (Revolution Time: Sativa Records)
YT – Boomsound (No Wata Down Ting: Scotch Bonnet)
YT – What You Got To Do (No Wata Down Ting: Scotch Bonnet)
YT & JOHNNY OSBOURNE – No Wata Down Ting (No Wata Down Ting: Scotch Bonnet)
YT & MONKEY MARC – Stress (unreleased)
YT – Going In (live in the studio)
YT – Human Rights (Retro Locks riddim: Oneness)

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More Fire 191 – January 2017

photos by Rebel Bass (Raphael Chambers)

January 21, 2017

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 21st January 2017

Featuring the new J Boog album “Wash House Ting”,  some vintage UK roots reggae from Reggae Archive Records, homegrown sounds from Rik-E-Ragga, Ras Jahknow, and the Melbourne Ska Orchestra, and a little Tarrus Riley ahead of his upcoming Melbourne show.

BUNNY WAILER – Love Fire (Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Trouble Is On The Road Again (Solomonic)
THE GLADIATORS – Can You Imagine How I Feel (Proverbial Reggae: Virgin) for skanking sophie
CORNEL CAMPBELL – My Confession (Dynamic)
CORNEL CAMPBELL – Give Me Love (Jackpot)
TOMMY McCOOK – Bigger Things (Jon Tom)
JACKIE EDWARDS – In The Mood (Jackpot)
ERIC DONALDSON – Cherry Oh Baby (alternate cut) (Dynamic)
MAX ROMEO – Two Faced People (Green Door)
VIN GORDON – Riding For A Fall (Jackpot)
LEROY SAMUELS – Trying To Wreck My Life (Tape Rolling!: Pressure Sounds)
LEROY SMART – Bad Minded People (Jackpot)
SCEPTRE – Right Time Coming (The Midlands Roots Explosion vol 2: Reggae Archive Records)
ECLIPSE – Immigration (The Midlands Roots Explosion vol 2: Reggae Archive Records)
BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH – Unite Handsworth (The Midlands Roots Explosion vol 1: Reggae Archive Records)
STEEL PULSE – Bun Dem (The Midlands Roots Explosion vol 2: Reggae Archive Records)
UB40 – Burden Of Shame (Signing Off: Graduate Records) –request
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Punky Reggae Party (Tuff Gong) –request
PRINCE LINCOLN THOMPSON & THE ROYAL RASSES – My Generation (Natural Wild: United Artists) –request
ZIGGI RECARDO – Hard Round Yah (Oneness)
J BOOG – Vex Me (Wash House Ting: Wash House)
J BOOG – Rose Petals (Wash House Ting: Wash House)
RIK-E-RAGGA & TE OMEKA PERKINS – The One I Like (Searching For Paradise: Ragga Records)
MIKE LOVE – Permanent Holiday (The Change I’m Seeking)
THE MELBOURNE SKA ORCHESTRA – Obrigado Jah (Saturn Return: ABC Music)
RAS JAHKNOW – Obrigado Jah (Jah Sta Li: Ras Jahknow)
RAS JAHKNOW – I and You Dub (Jah Sta Li Dub: Ras Jahknow)
KABAKA PYRAMID – No Capitalist (Tropical Escape riddim: Chimney Records) –request
CHRONIXX – Ain’t No Giving In (Tropical Escape riddim: Chimney Records)
I OCTANE – What About The Poor (Tropical Escape riddim: Chimney Records)
TARRUS RILEY – Gimme Likkle One Drop (Tropical Escape riddim: Chimney Records)
TARRUS RILEY – Don’t Come Back (Crown Love riddim: Head Concussion)
VYBZ KARTEL – One Phone Call (Crown Love riddim: Head Concussion)
CHRIS MARTIN – I’m A Big Deal (Intoxxicated riddim: Troyton) –request

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January 14, 2017

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 14th January 2017

Running through some Chant Down Sound anthems and dubplates ahead of the last More Fire dance at The Mercat in Melbourne.

SIZZLA & COCOA TEA – Bruk Down (Xterminator)
JAH MASON – Empty Barrel (Chant Down dubplate special)
CULTURE – This Time (Nighthawk)
SYLFORD WALKER – Burn Babylon (Joe Gibbs)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – Forever Loving Jah (Uprising: Island)
TWINKLE BROTHERS – Never Get Burn (Countrymen: Virgin)
JOHNNY CLARKE – Fire and Brimstone A Go Burn The Wicked (Bunny Lee)
JOHNNY CLARKE – None Shall Escape The Judgement (Jackpot)
LINVAL THOMPSON – Jah Jah Is The Conqueror (Chant Down dubplate special)
BIG YOUTH – Conquering Sound (Chant Down dubplate special)
MICHAEL ROSE – Born Free (Chant Down dubplate special)
THE PROPHETS – Warn The Nation (Vivian Jackson)
THE AFRICAN BROTHERS – Father Lead Us (Black Roots)
MIDNITE – Rasta Man Stand (Ras Mek Peace: Wildchild)
DEZARIE – Strengthen Your Mind (Gracious Mama Africa: Afrikan Roots Lab)
MIDNITE – Ras For A Reason (Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance: Afrikan Roots Lab)
TENOR SAW – Jah Guide and Protect Me (Tenor Saw)
MORGAN HERITAGE – Trodding Jah Road (Digital B)
ANTHONY B – Fire House (Mr Luxury)
HALF PINT – Can’t Control Me (Mr Luxury)
TURBULENCE – Chant With Me (Chant Down Dubplate special)
CHRONIXX, KABAKA PYRAMID, PROTOJE, SIZZLA – Selassie Souljahz (Royal Order Music)
JAH VINCI – Never Too Late (Chant Down dubplate special)
MORGAN HERITAGE – Rasta We Seh (Chant Down dubplate special)
SIZZLA – Like Mountains (Chant Down dubplate special)
ALBOROSIE – Holy Mount Zion (Maximum Sound)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Feel Di Vibes (Chant Down dubplate special)
CAPLETON – Time (Lion and Roots)

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January 7, 2017

Showcasing the works of former PBS announcer Ranking Yoni and his TRS Records represses in the first hour, and then running through some of my favourite songs of 2016 that didn’t fit into last weeks “best of” show – tunes that aren’t quite 100% reggae or dancehall, but deserve recognition too.

PETER BROGGS – Jah Jah Voice Is Calling (TRS 7″)
PETER BROGGS – Got To Be Wise (TRS 7″)
NOEL BROWN (MASHA & THE REALITIES) – One Day Belly Full (Soney Fudgie / TRS)
EDI FITZROY – Work On Mr Farmer (Musical Ambassador 12″)
JOHNNY RINGO – Plant Up Yu Vineyard (Musical Ambassador 12″)
LATTY GUZANG – Muzical Organiza (Musical Ambassador 12″)
EARL ZERO – Shackles and Chains (Earl Love 7″)
EARL ZERO – Black Bird (Earl Love 7″)
LINVAL THOMPSON – I Spy (Thompson Sound 7″)
LITTLE JOHN – Dash The Riddim (Pickout 12″)
COURTNEY MELODY – Run Around Girl (Pickout 12″)
CONRAD CRYSTAL – Thank You Jah Jah (Pickout 12″)
SUGAR MINOTT – Victim of Society (Black Scorpio 7″)
THE SILVERTONES – The Strong Will Survive (Black Scorpio 7″)
MIKEY MELODY – Ragmuffin Sound (Black Scorpio 7″)
ISRAEL VIBRATION – Cool and Calm (TRS 7″)
ISRAEL VIBRATION – Rude Boy Shufflin (TRS 7″)
I OCTANE – Jah A Run Bout Yah (Konsequence Muzik)
VERSHON – Mercy A God (Memory Lane riddim: Lee Milla)
JAE PRYNSE – Try Harder (Frenz For Real)
JAHMIEL – Great Man (Quantanium Records)
I OCTANE – No Badda Dan Jah (Cure Pain riddim: Good Good)
JAHMIEL – Where Were You (Cure Pain riddim: Good Good)
POPCAAN – Mi Unruly (Artistry riddim: Young Vibez)
POPCAAN – New Level (Notnice)
POPCAAN – Stay Up (Notnice)
MAVADO – Feel Like (UIM)
DEXTA DAPS – Chinese Jordan (Day Off riddim: Frenz For Real)
DEXTA DAPS – One Minute (Break Away riddim: Chimney Records)
NESBETH – My Dream (Entertainment Soul)
VYBZ KARTEL – Real Youth (Adde & 21st Hapilos)
DEMARCO – Realest Ting (Partna Draw riddim: Unity Entertainment)
VERSHON – Nuh Satisfy (Partna Draw riddim: Unity Entertainment)
BUGLE – Too Beggy Beggy (Startime riddim: Jugglerz)
LADEN – Time Is Now (Big Ship)

December 31, 2016 (Best of 2016)


As always, these lists reflect my personal taste, while also taking into account the response these songs received at dances locally and around the world. I also avoid including more than one song on the same riddim, though I have mentioned others where it was particularly difficult to choose. Some songs from the previous year always sneak into the countdown – slow burners that took a while to catch on, or became popular when a music video was released some time after the song itself.

The songs were aired in reverse order, counting down from #20 to #1, with reggae in the first hour, and dancehall in the second.


If there was still any doubt as to the biggest artist in contemporary reggae music, Chronixx put it to rest once and for all this year. Although he didn’t release a new album, his free-download “Roots and Chalice” mixtape was probably the single biggest release of the year, leading to several huge singles. The title track was unquestionably the biggest reggae song of the year for me – a near-perfect Rasta dancefloor anthem that managed to capture a classic roots vibe while still sounding fresh.

Akae Beka (aka Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite) released two of the best albums of year, “Portals” and “Livicated”, the former giving us the brilliant “Let Babylon Go”, driven by fellow Virgin Islands artist Danny I. I don’t expect this song to appear on too many other lists, but it hit me in a big way.

Surprisingly, New York based artist Kranium made three entries in my top 20 this year, showing he is as comfortable on reggae riddims as he is on dancehall beats. His song “Draw Me Out” is actually from his “Rumours” album of 2015, but it didn’t really catch on until this year, quickly becoming one of my personal favourites.

Damian “Jr Gong” Marley continued to hold his place as one of the biggest artists of the last couple decades, and probably the single most-requested after Chronixx himself. Both of his entries this year were huge tunes worldwide, though they placed lower in the list than others mainly due to personal preference.

1) CHRONIXX – Roots and Chalice (Chronixx Music)
2) AKAE BEKA & DANNY I – Let Babylon Go (Portals: I Grade)
3) KRANIUM – Pressure Buss Pipe (Sitara riddim: Ranch Entertainment)
4) CLAY – Chat and Gwaan Bad (Art and Soul: Countrybus)
5) BUSHMAN – Hungry Days (Mile High riddim: Overstand)
MORGAN HERITAGE – Selah (Mile High riddim: Overstand)
MORTIMER – Nice Up The Scene (Mile High riddim: Overstand)
6) CHRONIXX – Out Deh (Lion Paw riddim: Shiah Records)
7) KRANIUM – Draw Me Out (Rumours: Atlantic)
8) CHRONIXX – Spanish Town Rocking (Chronixx Music & Overstand)
9) CHINO & DI GENIUS – Zero Tolerance (Big Ship)
10) I OCTANE – Open Your Eyes (Jah Army riddim: Frankie Music)
11) D MAJOR – Give Praises (Creamy Corner riddim: Misik Muzik)
DRE ISLAND – Dem A Liard (Creamy Corner riddim: Misik Muzik)
GENERAL DEGREE – Ruff It Up (Creamy Corner riddim: Misik Muzik)
12) KRANIUM – Hype (Pretenders riddim: FME & Chief Music)
13) CHRONIXX – Majesty Song (Chronixx Music & Federation Sound)
14) DAMIAN JR GONG MARLEY – Nail Pon Cross (Ghetto Youths International)
15) DAMIAN JR GONG MARLEY – Caution (Ghetto Youths International)
16) BUGLE – Rasta A True Love (Earth Storm riddim: Earth Storm)
17) KING MAS & FYA UMAN – Scotch Bonnet (Guidance and Protection riddim: Larger Than Life & Loud City)
18) VERSHON – Bring Back (Blueberry Haze riddim: Maximum Sound)
20) DEXTA DAPS – Meditation (Vacation riddim: SHS Records)

ANTHONY B – Fyah Bun (Red Redemption riddim: Hungry Lion)
ASSASSIN – Health and Strength (Germaica Digital)
ASSASSIN – Never Let Them Break You Down (Smile Jamaica: Silly Walks)
BUGLE – Journey Of Life (Sam Diggy Music)
BUGLE – Life and All It Comes With (Smile Jamaica: Silly Walks)
BUGLE – True Identity (Fresh Groove riddim: Berta Records)
BUSY SIGNAL – Hold On (Love Sick riddim: Vikings)
CHRISTOPHER MARTIN – This Could Be Murder (Smile Jamaica: Silly Walks)
CHRONIXX – Do Right (Because riddim: Greenyard)
CLAY – Espionage (Art and Soul: Countrybus)
CLAY – Get There (Art and Soul: Countrybus)
DA PROFESSOR – Best Thing In Life (Stainless)
DEXTA DAPS – Humble (We Reach) (XOXO riddim: CR203)
DIZZY DEE, JAH TUNG, TUJAH – Wake Up and Live (Time Shall Tell: Soundalize It)
FIKIR AMLAK – Chant Out (Roots and Dub: Black Lion Sounds)
FIKIR AMLAK – Kingciple (Roots and Dub: Black Lion Sounds)
FIKIR AMLAK & CHADDY ROYAL – Royal (Westend Sun riddim: Jah Youth)
GAPPY RANKS – I Nah (The Present riddim: Cosme Deyah)
GAPPY RANKS – Johnny Too Bad (Waiting riddim: Culture Rock)
GAPPY RANKS – Maad Sick (Maad Sick Reggaeville riddim: Oneness)
GAPPY RANKS & PROTOJE – White Paper (Marshall Neeko Remix)
GENTLEMAN & CLAY – Dunns River Falls (His Majesty riddim: VP Records)
HEMPRESS SATIVA – Rock It Ina Dance (Conquering Lion)
IYATA SAFARI – Fighting For Liberty (Chimurenga riddim: Dove Music)
J BOOG & STEPHEN MARLEY – Good Good Feeling (Ghetto Youths International)
J BOOG & STEPHEN MARLEY – Good Good Feeling (Ghetto Youths International)
JAH TUNG – Chant Out (Bellyfull)
JOHN LEMON – Babylon (Taxi)
KABAKA PYRAMID – Prophecies (Walshy Fire & Bebble Rock)
KING MAS – Never Again (Chimurenga riddim: Dove Music)
KORO FYAH & KABAKA PYRAMID – Red Green and Gold (Rough Diamond: Bebble Rock)
LUTAN FYAH – Red Gold and Green (Dub Tone)
LUTAN FYAH – Sweet Trichomes (Full Melt riddim: Tim Dub)
MITCH – So Blessed
NATEL – Inhale and Exhale (XOXO riddim: CR203)
NATTALI RIZE & JULIAN MARLEY – Natty Rides Again (Lion House)
PRESSURE – Lion Is A Lion (I Grade)
RANDY VALENTINE & EXCO LEVI – Protected (Royal Step riddim: Maximum Sound)
RIK-E-RAGGA & MARVIN PRIEST – Searching For Paradise (Searching For Paradise: Ragga Records)
ROBERT LEE – Star The Show (Love riddim: Buzwakk)
SAGITARR – Eye Fi Bleed (Raw Cash)
TARRUS RILEY – Dem Gone Too Far (Ghetto Youths International)
TARRUS RILEY – Don’t Come Back (Crown Love riddim: Head Concussion)
TARRUS RILEY – No Hypocrites Allowed (Truck Back)
TERRENCE MATTHIE – Ancient Scrolls (We Are Living In The Same World: Observer Music)
THE FRIGHTNERS – Dispute (Daptone)
THE FRIGHTNERS – Gonna Make Time (Daptone)
THE FRIGHTNERS – Lookin For My Love (Daptone)
VYBZ KARTEL – One Phone Call (Crown Love riddim: Head Concussion)
YOUNG SHANTY – Check For You (Giddimani & Chalice Row)


Vybz Kartel continues to be the biggest artist in dancehall music, despite being in jail for murder since 2011. That said, this was the first in recent years that I felt Kartel actually had serious competition for the title, as Alkaline could do no wrong. For me personally, Alkaline was without a doubt the dancehall artist of the year, as I simply rated his music much more than Kartel’s – he was a mainstay of my dancehall sets, and nobody else got more play on my car stereo over the year.

Jahmiel really stepped up this year, with a consistently strong output on a range of riddims. He makes two entries on the dancehall list this year, a couple more on my “best of the rest” list, and he also had a couple more songs that were nudged out by bigger tunes on a riddim.

Helped largely by his work with Alkaline, DJ Frass was my producer of the year. Though reasonable simple, his dancehall riddims were always interesting, and the way that they were engineered suited Alkaline’s delivery-style changes perfectly. Seanizzle was my other favourite producer this year, with a range of riddims that were perfect for the dance – bouncy, upbeat and impossible not to move to.

1) ALKALINE – City (DJ Frass)
2) KONSHENS – Bruk Off Yuh Back (Moskato riddim: Birchill)
TIFA – Big Bumper (Moskato riddim: Birchill)
3) POPCAAN – Ova Dweet (Notnice)
DEMARCO – Remix (Notnice)
4) VYBZ KARTEL – Fever (TJ Records)
5) MAVADO – Progress (Money Boss riddim: Mineral Boss)
VERSHON – Crosses People (Money Boss riddim: Mineral Boss)
6) ALKALINE – After All (Club Life riddim: Lee Milla)
7) ALKALINE – Formula (Lee Milla)
8) BUSY SIGNAL – Play The Horns (47th Floor riddim: Seanizzle)
CHRISTOPHER MARTIN – Stop (47th Floor riddim: Seanizzle)
9) I OCTANE & NINJA MAN – Dancehall History (90s Don Dada riddim: Seanizzle)
10) BUGLE – Pray Everyday (Mad Rush riddim: RazzAttack)
11) ALKALINE – Block and Delete (Toll Road riddim: Chimney)
12) ALKALINE – Direction (DJ Frass)
13) ALKALINE – One More Time (All Inclusive riddim: DJ Frass)
14) JAHMIEL – Dear Frass (I Just Don’t Know) (Street Light riddim: DJ Frass)
MAVADO – Lowe Mi (Street Light riddim: DJ Frass)
15) VYBZ KARTEL – Training Wheel (Chimney)
16) JAHMIEL – Instant Disaster (Quantanium Records)
17) ALKALINE – One Life (DJ Frass)
18) VYBZ KARTEL – Who Trouble Dem (Success riddim: Good Good)
19) CHRISTOPHER MARTIN – Gi Wi Some Way (Seanizzle)
20) ALKALINE – Extra Lesson (DJ Frass)

AIDONIA – Trigger Work It (Dancehall Bully riddim: Troyton)
ALKAINE – Spoil You (Yellow Moon)
ALKALINE – 12pm (Medz Music)
ALKALINE & MAVADO – Farewell (DJ Frass)
BEENIE MAN – Yardie (357 Records)
CHI CHING CHING – Roast Or Fry (Wicked Wicked riddim: Young Vibez)
DEMARCO – Backaz (TJ Records)
DEMARCO – Party Tonight (Party Hangover riddim: Full Chaarge)
I OCTANE – Burna (Gold Finga riddim: Jones Ave)
JAH VINCI – Higher Level (Yard Man riddim: H20)
JAHMIEL – Yard Man (Yard Man riddim: H20)
KONSHENS – Gal.Gov (Subkonshus)
KRISHANE & PATORANKING – Inconsiderate (Atlantic)
MAVADO – Dem Run Eeen (Dancehall Bully riddim: Troyton)
MAVADO – Set The Trend (Yellow Moon)
MUNGA – Psalms 35 (Hollow Point riddim: Soundbank)
POPCAAN – Fresh Jordan (UIM Records)
POPCAAN – Good Body Wine (Notnice)
POPCAAN – Up Top (Adde)
POPCAAN – Wicked Man Ting (Wicked Wicked riddim: Young Vibez)
POPCAAN – World Cup (aka Still A Win) (Popcaan)
PTERNSKY – Non Stop (Jambe-An riddim: Techniques)
SK SIMEON – Better Than Good (Naram)
SK SIMEON – No Labba Labba (King Toppa)
VYBZ KARTEL – 9X (Yellow Moon)
VYBZ KARTEL – Best Place Pon Earth (Adidjahiem)
VYBZ KARTEL – Colouring This Life (Adidjahiem)
VYBZ KARTEL – Enemy Zone (TJ Records & Adidjahiem)
VYBZ KARTEL – Likkle More (VP Records)
VYBZ KARTEL – Strong (Gold Finga riddim: Jones Ave)
VYBZ KARTEL – Western Union (TJ Records)
VYBZ KARTEL – What Next (TJ Records)
VYBZ KARTEL – Yuh Body Perfect (Jones Ave)

Songs that didn’t weren’t 100% reggae or dancehall, but deserve mention…

NESBETH – My Dream (Entertainment Soul)
VYBZ KARTEL – Real Youth (Adde & 21st Hapilos)
DEXTA DAPS – One Minute (Break Away riddim: Chimney Records)
DEXTA DAPS – Chinese Jordan (Day Off riddim: Frenz For Real)
I OCTANE – No Badda Dan Jah (Cure Pain riddim: Good Good)
JAHMIEL – Where Were You (Cure Pain riddim: Good Good)
POPCAAN – Mi Unruly (Artistry riddim: Young Vibez)
MAVADO – Feel Like (UIM Records)
VERSHON – Mercy A God (Memory Lane riddim: Lee Milla)
JAE PRYNSE – Try Harder (Frenz For Real)
POPCAAN – New Level (Notnice)
JAHMIEL – Great Man (Quantanium Records)
DEMARCO – Realest Ting (Partna Draw riddim: Unity Entertainment)
BUGLE – Nuh Badda Dan Jah (Miami Weather riddim: Twilight Music Group)
I OCTANE – Jah A Run Bout Yah (Konsequence Muzik)
LADEN – Time Is Now (Big Ship)
POPCAAN – Stay Up (Notnice)
BUGLE – Too Beggy Beggy (Startime riddim: Jugglerz)
LADEN – Time Is Now (Big Ship)
STYLEZ – It’s A Pity (OGE Beats)
TEEJAY – On and On (Starz Plus)

December 17, 2016

106.7 PBS-FM > Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 17th December 2016

Featuring new music from Randy Valentine, Xana Romeo, Protoje, Tarrus Riley, and J Boog, plus the Lifetime riddim from Zion I Kings.

QUEEN IFRICA – Grabba (Climb: VP Records)
VERSION – Skateland Killer riddim (Maximum Sound)
EEK A MOUSE – Star, Daily News or Gleaner (Volcano) –request
EEK A MOUSE – Do You Remember (Thompson Sound) –request
PETER TOSH & THE WAILERS – No Sympathy (demo)
BUNNY WAILER – Riding (Solomonic)
BUNNY WAILER – Bright Soul (Solomonic 12″)
THE TECHNIQUES – Man Of My Word (Techniques)
THE TECHNIQUES – What Am I To Do (Techniques)
BOB ANDY – The Sun Shines For Me (FRM)
RONNIE DAVIS – Peace and Love (On Top)
SANG HUGH – No Potion A Gal (The Thing)
THE CONGOS – At The Feast (Heart of the Congos: Black Art) –request
THE GLADIATORS – Dreadlocks The Time Is Now (Proverbial Reggae: Virgin)
I KONG – The Way It Is (Top Ranking)
RANDY VALENTINE – Same War (Stingray)
NANNY MYSTIK – Eva Bless (Lot 16 Music & Grab Dem)
XANA ROMEO – Wake Up (Wake Up: Charmax)
RIK E RAGGA & PRINNIE STEVENS – Back Again (Searching For Paradise: Ragga Records)
J BOOG – Rose Petals (Wash House Ting: Wash House)
BERES HAMMOND – Not For Sale (Don Corleon)
TARRUS RILEY – Far Away (Don Corleon)
AKAE BEKA – Lifetime (Lifetime riddim: Zion I Kings)
RANDY VALENTINE – It Takes Time (Lifetime riddim: Zion I Kings)
DANNY I – Ancient Great (Lifetime riddim: Zion I Kings)
PRESSURE – All That I’m Thinking Of (Lifetime riddim: Zion I Kings)
VANESSA BONGO – One Day At A Time (Lifetime riddim: Zion I Kings)
JAHDAN BLAKKAMORE – Yes To Life (Lifetime riddim: Zion I Kings)
LUTAN FYAH – Put A Fyah In Deh (Lifetime riddim: Zion I Kings)
FANTAN MOJAH – Rasta Got Soul (Think Twice riddim: WMP) –request
ZAMUNDA – Forever Loving Jah (Think Twice riddim: WMP)
LUTAN FYAH – Rastafari Lead The Way (Think Twice riddim: WMP)
SIR FORD – Oh Lord (Think Twice riddim: WMP)
DUANE STEPHENSON – Think Twice (Think Twice riddim: WMP)
PROTOJE – Christmas Trees (Mad Decent)
TARRUS RILEY – Crime Free Christmas (VP Records)
VYBZ KARTEL – No One (High Stakes Records)
SPICE – Marijuana (Cashflow) –request

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